amethyst - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of amethyst in Hindi

  • बिल्लौर
  • फीरोजा
  • जमुनिया
  • ऐमेथिस्ट
  • जामुनी

amethyst Definition

  • a precious stone consisting of a violet or purple variety of quartz. ( एक कीमती पत्थर जिसमें एक बैंगनी या बैंगनी रंग की किस्म होती है। )

amethyst Example

  • Each exquisite creation is studded with semi precious stones like turquoise, amethyst , pearls and corals. ( प्रत्येक अति सुंदर रचना फ़िरोज़ा, नीलम, मोती और कोरल जैसे अर्ध कीमती पत्थरों से जड़ी है। )
  • He added that he found a third medieval gold ring in September, set with either an amethyst or garnet stone, which is currently in the hands of the British Museum. ( उन्होंने कहा कि उन्हें सितंबर में एक तीसरी मध्ययुगीन सोने की अंगूठी मिली, जिसे या तो एक नीलम या गार्नेट पत्थर के साथ सेट किया गया था, जो वर्तमान में ब्रिटिश संग्रहालय के हाथों में है। )
  • John was introduced to the mineral community in the late 1960s when his daughter Grace presented him with an amethyst geode. ( जॉन को 1960 के दशक के अंत में खनिज समुदाय में पेश किया गया था जब उनकी बेटी ग्रेस ने उन्हें एक एमिथिस्ट जियोड के साथ प्रस्तुत किया था। )
  • Quartz is colourless when pure but minute amounts of impurities or lattice imperfections give rise to varieties such as amethyst , cairngorm, rose quartz, and smoky quartz. ( शुद्ध होने पर क्वार्ट्ज रंगहीन होता है, लेकिन मिनट की मात्रा में अशुद्धियां या जाली की खामियां एमीथिस्ट, केरिंजॉर्म, रोज क्वार्ट्ज और स्मोकी क्वार्ट्ज जैसी किस्मों को जन्म देती हैं। )

More Sentence

  • amethyst earrings
  • I also used to always be attracted to certain types of minerals and gems, primarily quartz and amethyst .
  • Zambia today boasts of some of the quality gemstones such as emeralds, amethyst , aquamarine and many others.
  • Semi-precious stones like turquoise, amethyst , pearls and corals enhanced the look of most creations.
  • First, Jon placed an emerald, a diamond, a rose quartz, a ruby, an amethyst , and several chunks of jade in a circle outside the door that led to the chambers.
  • For the third and final week of the 1990 tour, we headed south to Iguacu Falls and then on to the amethyst deposits in Rio Grande do Sul.
  • I buy from all over the world - agate from Botswana, turquoise from Mongolia, amethyst from Mexico and jade from all over China.
  • This season's purple make-up hues are equally exhilarating: intense amethyst , fig and crushed mulberry, to name a few.
  • an amethyst dress
  • I've seen earrings, necklaces, and rings with all sorts of gems including amethyst , citrine, blue topaz, and garnet.
  • In Australia, three base colours were used to make carnival glass: clear, aqua and dark amethyst .
  • Although pearls, of varying colours, are the main material Tuck uses, she also includes quartzes and some precious stones such as garnet and amethyst .
  • A fine-colored amethyst , the purple variety of quartz, is also mined here.
  • This amethyst party dress with velvet ribbon trim is fully lined.
  • His eyes were narrow, the colour of amethyst , surrounded by heavy dark lashes.
  • A specimen in the collection of one of the authors consists of an aesthetic group of slightly amethystine stubby quartz scepters with rhodochrosite on marmatite.
  • Small, tan to brown, 2-5 - mm calcite crystals are also associated with milky to slightly amethystine quartz crystals.
  • They either ‘stand alone’ or on a matrix of milky to slightly amethystine quartz crystals.
  • Shaped like a chain of flowers were dozens of amethysts , blue topaz and emeralds, lined with silver.
  • Quartz is typically drusy and colorless, but amethystine and smoky varieties are also observed.
  • Beautiful silver earrings hang from the points of her ears, encrusted by black diamonds and deep purple amethysts .
  • Green gems were predominant here, but other colors sparkled here and there, rubies, amethysts , diamonds and the like.
  • Other slaves cut and shaped the amethysts , topazes, emeralds, and diamonds that often filled the gold and silver settings.
  • Their interiors are filled with crystallized clear, smoky, and amethystine quartz and calcite.
  • Rubies, emeralds and amethysts glittered out at the class and everyone gasped, even Mrs Kelly.
  • In addition, each day of the show he will give a lecture, one on the minerals of China, another on the minerals of Peru, and a third on the agates and amethysts of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.