airplane - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of airplane in Hindi

  • विमान
  • हवाई जहाज
  • वायुयान
  • वायु-यान

airplane Definition

  • a powered flying vehicle with fixed wings and a weight greater than that of the air it displaces; an aeroplane. ( स्थिर पंखों के साथ एक संचालित उड़ान वाहन और हवा से अधिक वजन जो इसे विस्थापित करता है; एक हवाईजहाज। )

airplane Example

  • An editorial on Monday about the new jumbo Airbus misstated the weight of the airplane . ( नए जंबो एयरबस के बारे में सोमवार को एक संपादकीय ने हवाई जहाज के वजन को गलत बताया। )
  • With the exception of a few cruise ships, people can only access the islands by airplane . ( कुछ क्रूज जहाजों को छोड़कर, लोग केवल हवाई जहाज से द्वीपों तक पहुंच सकते हैं। )
  • With one last kiss, Nick got onto that airplane , leaving Lily waving behind him. ( एक आखिरी चुंबन के साथ, निक कि हवाई जहाज पर मिला है, उसके पीछे लहराते लिली छोड़कर। )
  • Non-skydivers can't believe anyone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane . ( गैर-स्काइडाइवर विश्वास नहीं कर सकते कि कोई भी पूरी तरह से अच्छे हवाई जहाज से बाहर कूद जाएगा। )

More Sentence

  • As the wind goes over this house it's kind of almost like what happens on a wing of an airplane isn't it?
  • It is capable of handling crosswinds and it's a relatively easy airplane to fly from a pilot's point of view.
  • I managed to hitch a ride on Josh's airplane just in the nick of time.
  • Now we are going by airplane , it is very risky, but we are taking the dangers anyway.
  • So, right now they're probably going to bring some kind of a vehicle to the airplane .
  • Did anyone else have bad dreams and nightmares about airplane crashes?
  • The relevant categories for our operations are the weight shift and fixed wing or airplane categories.
  • Flying what kind of airplane , for whom and for what amount of income remains to be seen.
  • Seconds later, an airplane darted by, flying straight into the cerulean blue horizon.
  • In this airplane the added weight that the structure required is not worth the trade off.
  • I mean you just don't turn a key on like you do an automobile or ordinary airplane .
  • light aeroplane
  • The companies that work on airplanes or the power grid don't really understand them as wholes any more.
  • They then went on to ransack a hangar belonging to the property, which houses an aeroplane , helicopter and car.
  • to travel by aeroplane
  • Some sprays were even applied from the air, using aeroplanes or helicopters.
  • aeroplane passenger
  • By then the real embodiment of air power - the aeroplane - was not quite five years old.
  • For most, the cost of flying lessons and airplanes meant that wasn't a very practical option.
  • I am, of course, fully aware of the very significant differences between aeroplanes and helicopters.
  • The fighter aeroplane , of course, was essentially a short-range defensive weapon.
  • Lots of flying in noisy airplanes for air to air photography but not much joy of flying.
  • I guess it depends on whether the airport was damaged or not, whether some fixed win airplanes can get in.
  • Cars are now nearly as sensitive to weight distribution as airplanes are.
  • aeroplane accident