airbrush - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of airbrush in Hindi

  • एयरब्रश

airbrush Definition


  • paint with an airbrush. ( एक एयरब्रश के साथ पेंट। )


  • an artist's device for spraying paint by means of compressed air. ( संपीड़ित हवा के माध्यम से पेंट छिड़काव के लिए एक कलाकार का उपकरण। )

airbrush Example

  • Yokosuka's Morale, Welfare and Recreation department is responsible for providing Tanner with the opportunity to paint and airbrush different buildings around the base. ( योकोसुका के मनोले, कल्याण और मनोरंजन विभाग बेस के चारों ओर विभिन्न इमारतों को पेंट और एयरब्रश करने का अवसर प्रदान करने के लिए टान्नर प्रदान करने के लिए जिम्मेदार है। )
  • I've stated my views before, but I think it is dangerous for the future if we too easily airbrush the major errors of the past. ( मैंने पहले भी अपने विचार कहे हैं, लेकिन मुझे लगता है कि यह भविष्य के लिए खतरनाक है अगर हम अतीत की प्रमुख त्रुटियों को आसानी से हवा देते हैं। )
  • We basically sprayed acrylic paint around their eyes with an airbrush and painted the eyes. ( हमने मूल रूप से एक एयरब्रश के साथ उनकी आंखों के चारों ओर ऐक्रेलिक पेंट का छिड़काव किया और आंखों को चित्रित किया। )
  • Next, ‘age’ the inscription using an airbrush filled with quartz powder, before creating its ‘ancient’ patina by grinding stone into a watery paste. ( अगला, पानी के पेस्ट में पत्थर को पीसकर 'प्राचीन' पेटिना बनाने से पहले क्वार्ट्ज पाउडर से भरे एक एयरब्रश का उपयोग करते हुए शिलालेख। )

More Sentence

  • These pens feature a unique mouthpiece, which when blown into, sprays ink in the same manner as an airbrush .
  • In fact, Kimble admits that racing led him to his biggest crossroad in life, deciding whether to pursue a career behind the wheel or behind an airbrush .
  • But since governments also occasionally do the same, likewise claiming to act with the sanction of the people, both parties are united sooner or later in the resolve to airbrush such realities out of the record.
  • The other innovation was to use a spray instead of brush for painting, rather different from using an airbrush , he says.
  • I'd just ceded my computer hours to Jason so he could airbrush hundreds of scars out of a photograph of an eight year old girl who was still somehow convinced that she was a princess, somehow convinced that everything was going to get better.
  • All paints sprayed through an airbrush must have the consistency of milk.
  • After politics I can go home and have a look at some compressors for my airbrush .
  • Helnwein's paintings, however, are based on his photographs, which he transfers onto canvas using an airbrush , inkjet printing or, at times, traditional paintbrushes.
  • Soft focus and an airbrush can do wonders for your appearance.
  • Can we airbrush out that newspaper tacked onto the skirting boards, please?
  • A ten to 15-minute session, using an airbrush to spray the substance on the skin, causes the tan to develop over the next 24 hours and it lasts between five and ten days.
  • Then they spray me down, they airbrush the rest of me with blue makeup.
  • Using airbrush , spray paint, glitter and acrylic, she depicts subjects ranging from a military operation in Iraq to a piece of Chinese porcelain, in a kind of fuzzy, watercolorish manner.
  • Being photographed for magazines myself, I know that they airbrush you and they make you look much better than you do in real life.
  • The dots are produced by bursts from an airbrush .
  • Here the same thing is happening - less spectacularly, more subtly - as in the pictures by popular fantasy artists, who airbrush imaginary landscapes and populate them with monsters and buxom ladies.
  • She does not try to airbrush his flaws nor does she indulge in pop psychology.
  • Then I cobbled it together in a painting using an airbrush and masking film.
  • From his father he had learned the use of the airbrush and this now became the principal tool of his trade.
  • Visually retreating to an indeterminate distance are soft-focus spots or clouds of unbroken color clunkily applied with an airbrush .
  • Using an undercoat by spattering acrylics, I finish off the surface of the sculpture with oil paints with the aid of an airbrush .
  • For some years he had worked in the advertising field as a mechanical draftsman, and he had learned, among other techniques, the use of the airbrush .
  • It's not just fancy makeup, photography or airbrushing ; her spirit shines through all of it!
  • That's because, these days, almost every photo is digitally enhanced - or airbrushed - to make the model appear flawless.
  • First, take a look at Darren's blog to see his work on airbrushing my family photos.
  • It is here that Kundera points to the tyranny of totalitarian power which airbrushes the past to control the future, so that questions and issues that might be raised are mocked out of existence.