advanced - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of advanced in Hindi

  • उन्नत
  • विकसित
  • अग्रवर्ती
  • उच्च
  • आगे बढ़ा हुआ
  • उन्नति किया हुआ
  • ज़्यादा किया हुआ

advanced Definition


  • far on or ahead in development or progress. ( दूर या विकास या प्रगति में आगे। )


  • move forward, typically in a purposeful way. ( आम तौर पर उद्देश्यपूर्ण तरीके से आगे बढ़ें। )
  • lend (money) to (someone). ( (किसी को) उधार देना (धन)। )

advanced Example

  • The new Deel Rovers Community Sports Centre is in an advanced stage of its completion. ( नया Deel रोवर्स कम्युनिटी स्पोर्ट्स सेंटर अपने पूरा होने के एक उन्नत चरण में है। )
  • Westerhof, who will manage the development said plans are at an advanced stage. ( वेस्टरहोफ, जो विकास का प्रबंधन करेगा ने कहा कि योजनाएं एक उन्नत स्तर पर हैं। )
  • Harry Kehoe, said a number of new varieties, for the seed export trade and the home market, are now at an advanced stage of development at Oak Park. ( हैरी केहो ने कहा कि बीज निर्यात व्यापार और घरेलू बाजार के लिए कई नई किस्में अब ओक पार्क में विकास के एक उन्नत चरण में हैं। )
  • The company says talks on its new development at an advanced stage ( कंपनी का कहना है कि एक उन्नत स्तर पर अपने नए विकास पर बातचीत )

More Sentence

  • The committee are at an advanced stage of purchase of four acres to develop this project.
  • A specialised machine that uses the latest in optical and high speed sensor technology to search for skeleton weed is in the advanced stages of development.
  • And don't forget their advanced views on women in the workplace.
  • The move to Vincent Park was at an advanced stage and we went ahead, hoping that the licence would be a formality.
  • Sol Stein, the late editor, publisher and best-selling writer believed that ‘first person’ was an advanced point of view.
  • A number of new varieties are at an advanced stage of development and are expected to be launched over the coming years.
  • With the construction of the biggest mall in Soweto already at an advanced stage, developers have revealed the mall's branding and corporate identity.
  • The only conclusion is that the ring road is not at an advanced stage where land must be kept free of development.
  • The hospice has provided care to patients with advanced and progressive life threatening diseases along with support for their relatives and carers since the early 1980s.
  • After some months, attention switched to the National Development Plan which was then at an advanced stage of preparation.
  • Neither the doctor nor the family can be blamed because the management of patients with an advanced stage of a disease is not yet developed in our country.
  • Despite his new-found conservatism, Coleridge retained some surprisingly advanced views on social and economic matters.
  • After that, it is time for the advanced learners to progress to swimming laps around the pool.
  • The poor survival and high mortality rates are due to presentation in advanced stages, recurrence of the primary and development of second primary tumors.
  • Our society has reached its advanced stage of civilisation by developing within a framework of rules, regulations and standards, manifested most obviously in the rule of law.
  • Sources close to the development said the process is currently in advanced stages of talk and is expected to be finalised very soon.
  • Many are already on the starting blocks, either in an advanced stage of research and development, or with their first commercial power stations already under construction.
  • You say you have progressed to the advanced stage of bodybuilding.
  • A number of wind projects are at an advanced stage of development while biomass projects are also being progressed.