accomplishment - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of accomplishment in Hindi

  • उपलब्धि
  • सिद्धि
  • पूर्णता
  • साधन
  • अलंकरण
  • निपुणता
  • दक्षता
  • संपादन
  • सफलता
  • परिपूर्ति
  • समाप्ति
  • निष्पति

accomplishment Definition

something that has been achieved successfully. ( कुछ ऐसा जो सफलतापूर्वक हासिल किया गया है )

accomplishment Example

  • Goss defines military effectiveness as the fulfillment of assigned missions and the accomplishment of political objectives. ( गॉस सैन्य अभियानों और राजनीतिक उद्देश्यों की पूर्ति के रूप में सैन्य प्रभावशीलता को परिभाषित करता है। )
  • The accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor takes hard work and over coming of many hurdles. ( किसी भी सार्थक प्रयास की सिद्धि कठिन परिश्रम और कई बाधाओं पर आती है। )
  • Nero fancied himself an artist of some accomplishment . ( नीरो ने खुद को किसी उपलब्धि का कलाकार माना। )

More Sentence

  • the accomplishment of planned objectives
  • Imagine a warrior society in which only martial prowess and accomplishment confer status and reward.
  • Against its own standards, it is a remarkable accomplishment .
  • The focus on learning is group accomplishment of tasks, with individual contributions sent to the teacher and the student.
  • It's a community more than a suburb and it's a most fitting setting for Rosemary Woodford Ganf, an artist of style, experience and accomplishment .
  • Shake Keane's was a rich and varied artistic life, with high levels of accomplishment in both literature and music.
  • What are the chances that any personal risk factors will affect the safe and successful accomplishment of the task or activity?
  • That is a remarkable accomplishment for a volume this small.
  • Certifying the Gordon Cosen's Forest, a five-million acre public land, is a remarkable accomplishment , but it is just the beginning.
  • In a few cases his rhythms are a bit stiff-jointed, but one undeniable sign of accomplishment is his knack for the killer ending.
  • You'll remember his strength, courage, dignity, competitive fire and accomplishment .
  • Unless you're a Zen monk or similar there's no high art in the smooth accomplishment of routine chores but it's a sour individual who doesn't experience some pleasure in the feeling of a job well done.
  • An additional approach would be to encourage private civic organizations that facilitate translation in the accomplishment of their mission.
  • This supply system functioned well throughout the Civil War and was instrumental in its successful accomplishment .
  • Why would someone who is caught up in prestige want to work at a University where connections count for more than accomplishment or ability?
  • Bly is a native Minnesotan and the roster of Minnesota poets of any accomplishment is not long.
  • It is a remarkable accomplishment , relating in cartoon form a hymn to ordinary people.
  • the reduction of inflation was a remarkable accomplishment
  • He's a man of extraordinary accomplishment and ability.
  • The followers look to the leader for encouragement, strength and the promise of successful accomplishment of the mission.
  • By Moscow's account, the early years of the project were an accomplishment .
  • In the midst of his engagement with the concerns of the community, he gave attention to the mastery of physical skills and literary accomplishment .
  • Mick Jagger once said that John's ambition was simple: to become the most famous person on the planet, an accomplishment he pretty well achieved.
  • Mechanical imagery assumes that organizations exist as instruments for task accomplishment .
  • This represents a remarkable accomplishment for one individual and his family.
  • Umberto D appears as a remarkable accomplishment today, a film that evokes our sympathy for its protagonist without sentimentality.
  • His accomplishment is considerable, making him one of the very few artists whose work cuts across all the lines of contention that characterized his times.