abysmal - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of abysmal in Hindi

  • मात्र
  • अति-गहन
  • अथाह

abysmal Definition

  • extremely bad; appalling. ( बेहद खराब; भयावह। )
  • very deep. ( बहुत गहरा। )

abysmal Example

  • I don't know, but I am sure that anonymity plays its part when these abysmal and frighteningly stupid people decide to view this stuff. ( मुझे पता नहीं है, लेकिन मुझे यकीन है कि गुमनामी अपना हिस्सा निभाती है जब ये घृणित और भयावह बेवकूफ लोग इस सामान को देखने का फैसला करते हैं। )
  • Certainly the abysmal suffering and despair in many poor countries should cause us sickening guilt. ( निश्चित रूप से कई गरीब देशों में दु: खद निराशा और निराशा हमें बीमार करने का कारण बनती है। )

More Sentence

  • For all the insensitivity of this mistake, it represents the abysmal lack of knowledge about the Baltics in the minds of many a Westerner.
  • And he's so far not lived up to any single commitment that he's made, which is a pretty abysmal record.
  • Yet, even though official statistics reveal this abysmal state of affairs, what is the Government's response?
  • He wore a deep green robe and had the same black abysmal eyes as Mrs. Flockhart.
  • Happily, their plugs are configured differently or I would have fried my laptop in my abysmal ignorance.
  • Sadly, it was an abysmal offer, some £25,000 below the asking price!
  • The down side is excess weight, poor performance and abysmal gas mileage.
  • My summing up of her abysmal and shameful performance is written below.
  • Since the demise of the Catch Me Com buses the No 4 Highercroft route has degenerated from poor to absolutely abysmal .
  • He yawned widely; from the depths of the abysmal abyss stretching beyond his throat emerged his tongue.
  • Carlow's league campaign has descended from early promise to an abysmal second half display against Wexford last time out.
  • In this budget, the government continues its abysmal record on assisting the world's poorest people.
  • But many schools serving the poor are of such abysmal quality that many children drop out of school in frustration.
  • The research will be carried out in Glasgow, where the handing out of statins is most likely to happen, because of the city's abysmal heart attack record.
  • There was no denying Ballylinan's superiority as they completely overshadowed an abysmal Rock performance.
  • I've often wondered how they could get away with some of the cooking programmes that are on TV, considering how abysmal the hygiene shown is.
  • Will computers close the final gap, and find in their own depths, abysmal or otherwise, an instinctual feel for the wrong move at the right time?
  • Despite throwing his hat in the ring for almost every job in the next three years, the best he could get was a brief, abysmal spell at Bradford City.
  • If an abysmal new series sneaks on to the schedules without provoking an outburst from us, it can trundle through its six-week schedule unscathed.
  • York University had an abysmal five per cent turnout, in part because in the previous year they hadn't had an election.
  • And one reason it's not been achieved is the abysmal lack of planning for an aftermath which was violent.
  • But it's not just the German media that's acted abysmally .
  • His words were not ‘taken out of context’, they were entirely irrelevant to the context, and abysmally stupid to boot.
  • He has failed abysmally and another Minister would be considering their position instead of rubbing salt in the wounds of a man who wanted nothing in life but to live in peace and quiet in his own home.
  • Where Scotland have failed abysmally is in errors made and no team with that statistic round their necks can hope to win anything.
  • The design of everything from lighting to street furniture is abysmally transitory, modern gimmicks that look nerdy and tired the moment they're erected.
  • We have an abysmally low savings rate in this nation.
  • The focus at this stage will also be on ensuring that voters actually exercise their franchise to avoid a repeat of the abysmally low turnout in the Nice Treaty referendum.