abate - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of abate in Hindi

  • रोक-थाम करना
  • न्यून होना
  • रद्द करना
  • कम होना
  • घटना
  • समाप्त करना


  • कम करना
  • रोक-थाम करना

abate Definition

  • to become less strong (प्रकोप या प्रभाव का कम हो जाना या धीमा होना)
  • to make something less strong (कुछ कम मजबूत बनाने के लिए)
  • (of something perceived as hostile, threatening, or negative) become less intense or widespread. ((शत्रुतापूर्ण, धमकी या नकारात्मक के रूप में कथित कुछ) कम तीव्र या व्यापक हो जाते हैं।)

abate Example

  • The storm showed no signs of abating. (तूफान ने कोई संकेत नहीं दिया।)
  • Steps are to be taken to abate pollution. (प्रदूषण को खत्म करने के लिए कदम उठाए जाने हैं।)


  • Most hot flashes are mild to moderate in intensity and usually abate over time without therapy.
  • The challenges of rising health care costs and Medicare premiums will not suddenly abate .
  • this action would not have been sufficient to abate the odor nuisance
  • this action would not have been sufficient to abate the odour nuisance
  • November to April is the wet season but heavy tropical storms can abate as suddenly as they arrive.
  • Surgery on the right ear diminished but did not completely abate her symptoms, so she underwent surgery on the left ear.
  • When the storms abate , the uncertainties do not.
  • A distinction is drawn between Abatement Notices which require works to be done and those which merely require the recipient to abate the identified nuisance.
  • If rich countries want to help abate the impact of the tsunami, why not allow part of that assistance to be in the form of government tax collection?
  • Space constraint did not abate their zeal to get a glimpse of the amazing cultural divergence of the nation.
  • During the mid section of the morning I was able to abate my longing for biscuits by eating a slice of homemade fruit cake (courtesy of Welsh Dad Tony).
  • This defendant was required to abate the nuisance by noise identified in the abatement notice.
  • Patients should be observed in a closed ward setting until signs and symptoms abate .
  • The plaintiffs sought an injunction requiring the defendants to abate the nuisance as well as damages.
  • We were both broke and working pub shifts but nothing could abate my appetite for conceiving low budget film ideas.
  • There is a need for a definitive course of action in order to abate this spiralling situation.
  • He said the federal government targets only about $150 million a year for lead abatement .
  • Yet in the year that they had known each other his feelings had grown more intense rather than abated .
  • There are two approaches to abating these effects.
  • With GM technology, the debate regarding our dependence or otherwise on nature, far from abating , has intensified.
  • Then, with your mind, think of calming the pain, easing it until it abates and is gone.
  • He looked up at the gray overcast sky and wondered how it was possible that this storm could have abated so quickly.
  • Since January 2002 this trend has continued and shows no signs of abatement .
  • The Committee gave instructions to the electrical engineer to have the nuisance abated .
  • Through such ‘friendship,’ egocentrism and superiority are abated .
  • A noise abatement order issued in November last year failed to stop the music.
  • As the cast belts out the title song, fears are abated .
  • He was convincing enough to persuade Wall Street, thus abating the nervousness of the market.
  • This is not to over-simplify the crime wave that's sweeping through the country with no apparent abatement .
  • Council leader Smith has promised an abatement of problems in the Purfleet area caused by hundreds of heavy lorries.