पैड - Meaning in English

Meaning of पैड in English

  • pad

पैड Definition


  • fill or cover (something) with a soft material in order to give it a particular shape, protect it or its contents, or make it more comfortable.
  • walk with steady steps making a soft dull sound.


  • a number of sheets of blank paper fastened together at one edge, used for writing or drawing on.
  • a flat-topped structure or area used for helicopter takeoff and landing or for rocket launching.
  • a person's home.
  • the soft dull sound of steady steps.

पैड Example

  • Have you ever seen a baby so small that his whole hand is the size of the pad of your pointer finger?
  • First you take an abrasive pad and roughen the material to provide a better gluing surface.
  • He stopped and looked down at his hands before taking his pointer finger and putting the pad of his finger on her cheek.
  • The goal is to quickly pad the traveler's frequent-flier accounts with lots of miles - but for not a lot of cash.
  • an office building with a helicopter pad
  • Cape Clear Island, one of the last large islands in Ireland without a helipad is to have a helicopter pad to cater for both day and night time landings.
  • Edella beams, but doesn't look up from her yellow pad of paper and little drawings.
  • a pad of cotton wool
  • Cut the pad shapes to form placemats and arrange them on your table.
  • There she could see the headquarters very clearly, and all of the different vehicles parked around it, and the helicopter pad .
  • I suddenly fell silent, hearing the near-inaudible pad of feet against carpet.
  • I swerved around and checked on my team mates at the helicopter pad , ready to take off as soon as I gave them the signal.
  • So she gently ripped out a sheet of graph paper from her drawing pad and started drawing again.
  • Bend your thumb across your palm, touching the tip of your thumb to the pad of your hand just below your pinky finger.
  • If the person is bleeding, cover the wound with a gauze pad or a thick, clean piece of cloth and press on the wound hard enough to stop the bleeding.
  • don't pad out your answer to make it seem impressive
  • It has a six-cluster house development on site, a helicopter pad and 15 members' cottages.
  • The soft material that used to pad sharp corners has been ripped off and not replaced.
  • He asked, poising his pen over a small pad of white paper.
  • He could sit down with a drawing pad and sketch out almost every movement of a game.
  • When I emerged I saw the T-plane parked on a helicopter pad on the rooftop of a hospital.
  • Before every number, Stipe ripped a sheet of paper from a pad with camp theatrical flourish.
  • Conran originally planned to turn the house into a bachelor pad - the basement was to be a party room but is now a family room.
  • Emma sat at the edge of the forest with a pad of paper on her lap, a cup of water in the sand, a paintbrush in one hand and a plastic tray filled with colors in the other.
  • The two males held their silence as she finished, all the noise ceased apart from the soft pad of hooves in the night air.
  • However it is ideal as a bachelor pad or as a starter home.
  • Doing the job herself allowed her to pad out her expenses claim with fictitious expert help.
  • Just then his brother walked into the room; he quickly flipped the drawing pad to a blank page.
  • The guerrillas were driven to the helicopter pad which was established last night in the village.
  • He squinted and turned the pad of cloud notebook paper over, trying to read her handwriting.