अँगड़ाई - Meaning in English

Meaning of अँगड़ाई in English

  • yawn
  • stretch

अँगड़ाई Definition

  • involuntarily open one's mouth wide and inhale deeply due to tiredness or boredom.
  • a reflex act of opening one's mouth wide and inhaling deeply due to tiredness or boredom.

अँगड़ाई Example

  • Anyway, I ended up watching an amateur boxing match, big yawn .
  • People will be looking for the sums and despite the eighty or so people last night, many think that the whole thing is a big yawn .
  • The Punakawan parts, which had amusing dialog and action, saved the performance from turning into a big yawn .
  • I blinked my eyes blearily and opened my mouth to yawn , I felt thick and slow.
  • I opened my mouth to yawn , but before I knew it, I was throwing up on the floor.
  • But the comedy is ghastly dull, the choreography fussy and boring - a yawn a minute, I thought sourly.
  • Evie said, she put her hand over her mouth to stifle a yawn .
  • Come ten o'clock in the evening we've generally begun to stretch and yawn , and by ten thirty the house is quiet except for gentle snoring.
  • If you are part of the Big Five, XYZ is a just a big yawn .
  • It's not a big yawn or an exclusive affair, as most people might think.
  • If like the rest of us you feel this year's Big Brother is a bit * yawn * compared to other years then join with us to keep the rebellious Dubliner in the house.
  • It happened 15 years ago and it's been either a big yawn or a big laugh ever since.
  • What Ellen MacArthur did is, to my mind, one big yawn .