अँगड़ाई लेना - Meaning in English

Meaning of अँगड़ाई लेना in English

  •  Yawning
  • Porrect
  • Stretch

अँगड़ाई लेना Definition


(of a moving ship or aircraft) twist or oscillate about a vertical axis.


a twisting or oscillation of a moving ship or aircraft around a vertical axis.

अँगड़ाई लेना Example

  • As the hook engaged the wire, I countered the right yawing with rudder and kept the right wing off the deck for as long as I could.
  • One could surely demonstrate yawing with engine failure since the props didn't feather.
  • Aloft upon the mast, the figure stood, uncompromising to the gale and pitch and yawing of the ship.
  • applying the opposite rudder will tend to reduce the yawing