अँखिया - Meaning in English

Meaning of अँखिया in English

  • glance
  • glimpse
  • peep
  • flash
  • scintilla
  • dawn
  • nimbus
  • lambency
  • sheen
  • sparkle
  • semblance
  • adumbration
  • gleam
  • jhalak
  • freak
  • inkling

अँखिया Definition

  • see or perceive briefly or partially.
  • a momentary or partial view.

अँखिया Example

  • The only thing is during all of this, I caught a glimpse of his face and he looked so familiar.
  • When the reeds parted, he caught a glimpse of her, and yes, there she was, the river goddess.
  • A large gasp emerged from my throat as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.
  • However, the company did not forget the possibilities it had glimpsed .
  • I toss opportunities like coins, and call tails when I've already caught a glimpse of the queen's crown.
  • a glimpse into the world of the wealthy
  • And I was left with the feeling of having been granted a glimpse of heaven.
  • I still recall one Sunday morning when I caught a glimpse of them outside.
  • Sleep leaves me and I groggily sit up, glimpsing at my watch.