vacant - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of vacant in Hindi


  • रिक्त
  • अन्यमनस्क
  • शून्यचित्त
  • ख़ाली

vacant Definition


  • (of premises) having no fixtures, furniture, or inhabitants; empty.

vacant Example

  • a vacant stare ( एक खाली घूरना )
  • Carmen saw Alex's truck parked in the drive of an old vacant house where she had admired some healthy quince bushes. ( कारमेन ने एलेक्स के ट्रक को एक पुराने खाली घर की ड्राइव में खड़ा देखा, जहां उसने कुछ स्वस्थ क्विन झाड़ियों की प्रशंसा की थी। )
  • (The see was vacant for nine years.) 33. ( (देखें नौ साल से खाली थी।) 33. )
  • The dining hall was vacant and massive, a cave converted into a cafeteria. ( भोजन कक्ष खाली और विशाल था, एक गुफा एक कैफेटेरिया में परिवर्तित हो गई। )

More Sentence

  • She was standing by the vacant bar.
  • There were plenty of vacant houses.
  • I have vacant rooms, Kulai said.
  • She noticed the hall was vacant and.
  • Beside her was a vacant chair.
  • And he threw himself into a vacant chair.
  • They glanced at his vacant place.
  • But has one vacant chair.
  • Two places only are vacant at our table.
  • Pistus was not appointed to the vacant see.
  • On the other, there was a vacant lot.
  • More than that, it appeared to be vacant.
  • Her eyes were all vacant and red.
  • The heart of Moses' mother became vacant.
  • Sancho having been slain in 1072, while engaged in the siege of Zamora, Aiphonso returned from exile and occupied the vacant throne.
  • Xander engaged his senses and trotted through the nearly vacant streets.
  • the president resigned and the post was left vacant