tremors - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of tremors in Hindi

  • झटके
  • स्पंदन

tremors Definition

an involuntary quivering movement.

tremors Example

  • Tremors felt in Delhi. Hope everyone is safe. I pray for the safety of each one of you.
  • "What is that?" she asked as the tremors grew stronger.
  • Tremors of the muscles more or less violent accompany the cold sensations, beginning with the muscles of the lower jaw (chattering of the teeth), and extending to the extremities and trunk.
  • Hecker in his measurement of the variation in the vertical and of tidal earth tremors.
  • delirium tremors; it was just awful.
  • drooping of the eyelid, tremors, 
  • earthshaking fire from the center of the earth will cause tremors around the New City.
  • Kiss Me To Tremors Another 60s pop tinged track.