support - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of support in Hindi

  • सहयोग


  • समर्थन
  • सहारा
  • पक्ष
  • संबल
  • अवलंब
  • शह
  • भरोसा
  • आश्रय
  • उपजीवन
  • आसरा
  • उपजीविका


  • समर्थन करना
  • संभालना
  • सहारा देना
  • पालना
  • प्रोत्साहन देना
  • भरण-पोषण करना
  • आलंब लगाना

support Definition


  • bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.
  • give assistance to, especially financially; enable to function or act.
  • suggest the truth of; corroborate.
  • (of a computer or operating system) allow the use or operation of (a program, language, or device).
  • endure; tolerate.


  • a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright.
  • material assistance.

support Example

  • at work during the day I could support the grief ( दिन के दौरान काम पर मैं दु: ख का समर्थन कर सकता था )
  • she's been through a bad time and needs our support ( वह एक बुरे समय से गुज़री है और उसे हमारे समर्थन की ज़रूरत है )
  • the new versions do not support the graphical user interface standard ( नए संस्करण ग्राफिकल यूजर इंटरफेस मानक का समर्थन नहीं करते हैं )
  • the paper printed many letters in support of the government ( अखबार ने सरकार के समर्थन में कई पत्र छापे )

More Sentence

  • he urged that military support be sent to protect humanitarian convoys
  • she clutched the sideboard for support
  • I like to visit her to support her
  • fans should always support their team fully, no matter what
  • the best support for a camera is a tripod
  • Support was heavy for the school's primary sport.
  • You know I always support you.
  • He needed her support, not her criticism.
  • I trust that the effort of The Great Round World to bring light to those who sit in darkness will receive the encouragement and support it so richly deserves.
  • He had a family to support - and two more children on the way.
  • We might pay a premium to support a family farm.
  • a support band
  • the studies support our findings
  • he was a great support when her father died
  • support staff
  • my main concern was to support my family
  • the land had lost its capacity to support life