put out - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of put out in Hindi

  • आहत


  • बाहर निकालना
  • जाने देना
  • छोड़ना
  • बुझाना
  • ठंडा करना
  • घबराना
  • परेशान करना
  • बेचैन करना
  • पुट आउट

put out Definition


  • an act of a fielder in retiring a batter or runner.

put out Example

  • I put out the light by the bed. ( मैंने बिस्तर से बत्ती बुझा दी। ) 
  • Jackson put out the word on the vehicle description and plate number. ( जैक्सन ने वाहन के विवरण और प्लेट नंबर पर शब्द डाला। )
  • Peace negotiations were begun with the Dutch, and the line-of-battle ships were put out of commission. ( डचों के साथ शांति वार्ता शुरू हुई, और युद्ध के जहाजों को कमीशन से बाहर कर दिया गया। )
  • The young plants are kept under glass till early in June when they are hardened and put out. ( युवा पौधों को जून की शुरुआत तक कांच के नीचे रखा जाता है जब वे सख्त हो जाते हैं और बाहर निकल जाते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • Many fungi (Phallus, Agaricus, Fumago, &c.) when strongly growing put out ribbon-like or cylindrical cords, or sheet-like mycelial plates of numerous parallel hyphae, all growing together equally, and fusing by anastomoses, and in this way extend long distances in the soil, or over the surfaces of leaves, branches, &c. These mycelial strands may be white and tender, or the outer hyphae may be hard and black, and very often the resemblance of the subterranean forms to a root is so marked that they are termed rhizomorphs.
  • Those who put out the study did not include that information.
  • We believe we can beat them whatever side they put out,
  • This is a private film put out by a private company.
  • They put out a communique that they still control the city.
  • They put out a great product and people go to it.
  • Little fires are put out before they can do their work.
  • With that I was put out of the ( system ).
  • Strong winds have made it difficult to put out the fires.
  • A small fire started by petrol bombs was quickly put out.
  • My family and I had to put out the fire ourselves.
  • It's difficult to see put out in a sentence .
  • In 1652 they put out their "commission book" under the title The Transcendent Spirituall Treatise.
  • They have gone to bed and put out their lights, your excellency.
  • Mind now, don't forget to put out my new coat, added Rostov, fingering his new mustache.
  • Virgin would have happily put out and raved about an album of Malaysian flute music if it meant financial gain.