privilege - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of privilege in Hindi


  • विशेषाधिकार
  • सुविधा
  • विशेष अधिकार
  • विशेष अधिकार
  • असामान्य अधिकार


  • विशेष अधिकार देना

privilege Definition


  • a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.


  • grant a privilege or privileges to.

privilege Example

  • a breach of parliamentary privilege ( संसदीय विशेषाधिकार का उल्लंघन )
  • education is a right, not a privilege ( शिक्षा एक अधिकार है, विशेषाधिकार नहीं )
  • he has been accustomed all his life to wealth and privilege ( वह जीवन भर धन और विशेषाधिकार का आदी रहा है )
  • It did not turn his mill, and it was no privilege to him to behold it. ( उसने अपनी चक्की नहीं घुमाई, और उसे देखने का कोई सौभाग्य नहीं था। )

More Sentence

  • She started to protest attorney-client privilege but he shook his head.
  • At the elections for the local bodies the Catholics had already been permitted to vote, and, availing themselves of the privilege, they gained seats in many municipal councils and obtained the majority in some.
  • It is his privilege to present all candidates for ordination to the bishop of the diocese.
  • As a senior account executive, I now have the privilege of access to the executive lounge.  
  • Having a driver’s license is a privilege that can be taken away if a driver is not responsible.  
  • At one time only men had the privilege of voting.  
  • The president of our country has the privilege of calling the White House home.  
  • As a respected journalist, it is my privilege to have a private audience with the pope
  • He met with such a favourable reception from the tsar that on his return to England a special envoy was sent to Moscow by Queen Mary, and he succeeded in obtaining for his countrymen the privilege of trading freely in Russian towns.
  • There is no handing on of privilege or pre-eminence to perpetual generations.
  • He came to supersede self-government by consuls, to deprive the cities of the privilege of making war on their own account and to extort his regalian rights of forage, food and lodging for his armies.
  • He rarely allowed himself that privilege.
  • It was not, however, till 1682 that they again lost the privilege of public ministry, and suffered severe oppression.
  • I have the privilege of awarding you this scholarship