mull - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of mull in Hindi


  • मुल
  • विचार करना
  • सोचना
  • दलना
  • अस्तव्यस्त कर देना
  • सेच लेना
  • बिगाड़ना
  • उलझना
  • पीसना
  • धरणिका
  • मल
  • मलमल


  • उलझन
  • गड़बड़
  • घपलेबाज़ी
  • रास
  • घपला

mull Definition


  • thin, soft, plain muslin, used in bookbinding for joining the spine of a book to its cover.
  • humus formed under nonacid conditions.
  • a large island of the Inner Hebrides; chief town, Tobermory.


  • warm (a beverage, especially wine, beer, or cider) and add spices and sweetening to it.
  • think about (a fact, proposal, or request) deeply and at length.

mull Example

  • If convicted, they'll have plenty of time to mull over their sins. ( अगर दोषी ठहराए जाते हैं, तो उनके पास अपने पापों को कम करने के लिए बहुत समय होगा। )
  • And I would have liked to mull over it a bit longer. ( और मैं इस पर थोड़ा और समय बिताना पसंद करता। )
  • It is made of a fine mull that is not imported to this country in the piece, and there is a satisfaction in wearing only hand-made garments. ( यह एक महीन खच्चर से बना है जो इस देश के टुकड़े में आयात नहीं किया जाता है, और केवल हाथ से बने वस्त्र पहनने पर संतुष्टि होती है। )
  • We ended the conversation icily with my promise to mull over the other topics and to provide her with something in writing. ( हमने अन्य विषयों पर विचार करने और उसे लिखित रूप में कुछ प्रदान करने के अपने वादे के साथ बातचीत को समाप्त कर दिया। )

More Sentence

  • Connecting cover boards to the mull , rather than directly to the signatures themselves, allows for a strong but flexible backbone.
  • Those woods with brown forest soils maintained mull humus, probably by virtue of their mixed floristic composition.
  • There was no time for Kari to mull over the matter any longer, as the conversation continued and her thoughts got distracted.
  • Of course, he now had the unfortunate opportunity to mull over the fact that very soon, if all went well, he would be more powerful than a king.
  • However, he said the leadership run had not altered his own career plans, which he continues to mull over.
  • As you mull over the details of an enraging experience, you may think that you're trying to get more information out of it - a new understanding of what happened.
  • she began to mull over the various possibilities
  • Yet take a moment to mull over the following set of facts with me, if you will…
  • Much to mull over as I consolidate the lessons I've learned about myself.
  • The foremost task is to mull over the raison d'être of your trip for this determines the destination, the monetary issues, accommodation etc. for your tour.
  • The point of the needle darts back and forth, teasing the weave of the fine muslin, mull or cotton.
  • The Cabinet, along with the business and non-governmental sectors, is to mull over a new strategy for the promotion of investments.
  • Then I wanted to take a day to mull over it before saying anything.
  • You can mull over your initial impressions, testing them against available evidence over the course of weeks, slowly coming to a conclusion.
  • She continued to mull over that thought for a short while before she was shaken from her thoughts by the sound of the door opening and someone else slipping out into the cold night air.
  • Humus should be of the mull type - ranging from acidic to calcareous, or moder in podsol.
  • Dylan continued to mull over the songs, apparently concerned about the sound and about the overtly autobiographical nature of certain of the songs.
  • It was as he was mulling over this fact that Julia appeared in the doorway.
  • The drink could really consist of nearly anything, as long as it had ale or sherry as a base, apples or cider, and mulled spices.
  • Some merchants depart from this charming tradition and just use it as an opportunity to sell random stuff, but I just ignore them and walk straight on to the mulled wine stand.
  • They came back with cinnamon, the spice we use without thinking in mulled wine and apple crumble.
  • The house smells of mulled cider and homemade hot chocolate.
  • That night we enjoyed some hot mulled wine, a warm fire, the company of random campers at the camp site, Judy's cheesecake, and a great big fuzzy black bear that was brown.
  • Genuine traders from every corner of Germany would be allowed to sell the country's beer and mulled wine to get shoppers into the party spirit.
  • But are the proposals he is mulling really enough?
  • He waited in silence while she mulled over the proposal.