gulible - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of gulible in Hindi

  • भोला
  • आसानी से धोखा खानेवाला
  • सीधा-सादा
  • जल्दी बातों में आ जाने वाला

gulible Definition


  • (used about a person) believing and trusting people too easily, and therefore easily tricked

gulible Example

  • I'm not gullible enough to believe something that outrageous. ( मैं इतना भोला नहीं हूं कि किसी ऐसी बात पर विश्वास कर सकूं जो अपमानजनक हो। )
  • They used to sell useless potions to a gullible public. ( वे भोले-भाले जनता को बेकार औषधि बेचते थे। )
  • It's easy to blame the public for being gullible enough to buy dieting products, but it's the companies who sell them who should take responsibility. ( डाइटिंग उत्पादों को खरीदने के लिए पर्याप्त भोला होने के लिए जनता को दोष देना आसान है, लेकिन यह कंपनियां हैं जो उन्हें बेचती हैं जिन्हें जिम्मेदारी लेनी चाहिए। )
  • When the car salesman told me the price of the car was double its actual value, he obviously assumed I was a gullible idiot.  ( जब कार सेल्समैन ने मुझे बताया कि कार की कीमत उसके वास्तविक मूल्य से दोगुनी है, तो उसने स्पष्ट रूप से मान लिया कि मैं एक भोला-भाला मूर्ख हूं। )
  • How gullible does Tom think we are? ( टॉम को लगता है कि हम कितने भोला हैं? )
  • They sell overpriced souvenirs to gullible tourists.  ( वे भोले-भाले पर्यटकों को महंगे स्मृति चिन्ह बेचते हैं। )
  • There is more than a hint of male superiority over these poor deluded and rather gullible women!  ( इन ग़रीब बहकावे में और बल्कि भोले-भाले महिलाओं पर पुरुष श्रेष्ठता के संकेत से कहीं अधिक है! )

More Sentence

  • The spider gets its name from Jorōgumo, a Japanese spirit, or Yōkai, that is said to disguise itself as a beautiful woman to prey upon gullible men.
  • What point is there in admitting that the stories fed to the gullible public were false?
  • It has a cult-like following with the potential to exploit gullible people and reinforce obsessional behaviour.
  • Fake advertising cheats consumers andin some serious cases , threatens gullible human's lives.
  • Unfortunately, the elderly woman was gullible enough to provide the con man with all of her financial information.  
  • There is rather less conflict between shareholders and stakeholders than the propagandists for stakeholder capitalism would have the gullible believe.
  • This allows for a variety of deceptions for gullible victims.
  • Certainly not for a wasteful spendthrift, who preyed upon a gullible old woman!
  • People are particularly vulnerable when they are ill, and in their desire to get well, can become very gullible.
  • Being in love with Hank has made Janet so gullible that she pays all his bills while he sits around all day.
  • Gullible hadn't been driving a great big lorry around the place and putting down rat poison.
  • She was described by her neighbors as a sweet but gullible woman who allowed the man to live in her house as a source of extra money.
  • Over and over, the Kremlin sells this rug — and there are always gullible Westerners to buy it.
  • Furthermore, the recipient mailbox is reportedly saturated, which suggests perhaps that people are incredibly gullible and have already bitten for this scam!
  • The stores hope to trick gullible consumers into buying expensive products that are no better in quality than their lower-priced counterparts.
  • There are a lot of gullible people, so there is a chance that Tom will be elected.
  • They have people hanging about outside on the pavement trying to entice gullible idiots in.
  • Now, this usually only works with more gullible kids.
  • She's so gullible she'll believe anything you tell her.
  • It is still astonishing that your three-man commission should have been so gullible as to have believed them.
  • Life is no bed of roses for the new dealer, least of all if female and of a gullible disposition.
  • Many gullible people have been tricked into purchasing timeshare deals they never use.  
  • That is, the world is a gullible circus, dragged down by poseurs who appropriate the false values of show business.
  • Throughout the land, gullible 13-year-olds would gasp in awe at the revelations laid before them.
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  • We wheedled the book ourselves out of that gullible weakling Fleming over at Dull.
  • Something not unlike strawberry jam glued to the inside of the spaceship would be all that was left of the gullible fool.
  • Your scam is to use supernatural blackmail to make gullible people believe in what you allege is true.
  • It is this sort of overblown idealistic rhetoric that makes me worry - and the evidence that people are gullible enough to swallow it.
  • If people weren't such gullible fools, these firms would be out of business.