expressively - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of expressively in Hindi

  • अर्थपूर्ण ढंग से
  • बखूबी
  • अर्थ पूर्णता से
  • अभिव्यंजक रूप से
  • साफ-साफ
  • खुलकर

expressively Definition


  • She danced the part of Giselle very expressively.
  • The old woman shrugged expressively.

expressively Example

  • She expressed vindictive gratification at the news, but an instant later swore expressively. ( उसने समाचार पर प्रतिशोधी संतुष्टि व्यक्त की, लेकिन तुरंत बाद में स्पष्ट रूप से शपथ ली। )
  • Ignatius Gallaher in the act of drinking closed one eye expressively over the rim of his glass. ( इग्नाटियस गैलाहेर ने शराब पीते हुए अपने गिलास के रिम पर एक आंख को स्पष्ट रूप से बंद कर दिया। )
  • She shrugged expressively, as if to say she didn’t know or that there were too many fears to count. ( उसने स्पष्ट रूप से सिकोड़ लिया, जैसे कि कहने के लिए कि वह नहीं जानती थी या गिनने के लिए बहुत सारे डर थे। )
  • He dropped it into her outstretched palm and her eyebrows lifted expressively at the weight of the sack. ( उसने उसे अपनी फैली हुई हथेली में गिरा दिया और उसकी भौहें बोरी के वजन पर स्पष्ट रूप से उठाई गईं। )
  • I watched her eyes grow expressively large and more tears threatened to cascade out of them at my words. ( मैंने देखा कि उसकी आँखें स्पष्ट रूप से बड़ी हो रही हैं और मेरे शब्दों से और अधिक आँसू बहने का खतरा है। )

More Sentence

  • Longmore expressively repeated.
  • How expressively he sang those words!
  • Washburn looked expressively at me, and I nodded to him.
  • They called mutely but expressively for the throat of the man who dared.
  • Rick shrugged as expressively as one flat on his back could manage.
  • The action seemed as expressively as words to say: "Poor fellow!
  • Hence we make such an issue of it in expressing gratitude and praise continually to the Lord, and doing it vibrantly, and alive, and expressively.
  • They are actually difficult to play well and require a singer of control and poise to render the beauty of the melodies accurately and expressively.
  • She took the first opportunity of affronting her mother-in-law on the occasion, talking to her so expressively of her brother’s great expectations, of Mrs.
  • Ojeda said, rolling his eyes expressively in mock boredom.
  • Also, Somers speaks loudly and clearly and expressively.
  • He spoke more expressively Sunday, more analytically than he has in months.
  • His manner fitted Lord's as expressively as it fitted Leeds ".
  • The answer is that these forms of punishment are expressively inferior to incarceration.
  • He has a fabulously long breath that allows him to phrase expansively and expressively.
  • It's difficult to see expressively in a sentence .
  • Nicodemus Thomich evidently wished to say more, but, turning to the clerk, who in turn glanced expressively at him, the latter became silent, all suddenly stopped speaking.