equipment - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of equipment in Hindi


  • उपकरण
  • सामग्री
  • सज्जा
  • नेपथ्य
  • साज़-सामान
  • संभार
  • साज-सामान

equipment Definition


  • the necessary items for a particular purpose.

equipment Example

  • they lacked the intellectual equipment to recognize the jokes ( उनके पास चुटकुलों को पहचानने के लिए बौद्धिक उपकरणों की कमी थी )
  • suppliers of office equipment ( कार्यालय उपकरण के आपूर्तिकर्ता )
  • He doesn't want to give up but he's afraid to even touch the equipment much less pack it up. ( वह हारना नहीं चाहता, लेकिन वह उपकरण को छूने से भी डरता है, उसे पैक करने की तो बात ही नहीं। )
  • The money from the dairy equipment and stock was still in the bank. ( डेयरी उपकरण और स्टॉक का पैसा अभी भी बैंक में था। )

More Sentence

  • And with the environment becoming increasingly risky, the sharing of safety equipment and communications technology is important.
  • Camping equipment filled the trunk along with enough clothes to last a week.
  • True to his word, Quinn had packed everything he needed, called a shipper, and sent his equipment off, overnight express.
  • The list of safety equipment to be carried results from consultation with the industry and the benefits of each item have already been fully considered.
  • He'd all but rejected her deal to sleep with him and wasn't about to hand her equipment over to her.
  • the construction and equipment of new harbor facilities
  • a gym with all the latest equipment