endearingly - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of endearingly in Hindi

  • प्यार से
  • लाड़ से

endearingly Definition


  • in a manner that inspires affection.

endearingly Example

  • he was admired by 'his boys', as he endearingly called them ( 'उसके लड़के' उसकी प्रशंसा करते थे, क्योंकि वह उन्हें प्यार से बुलाता था )
  • Do you picture a tall, thoughtful yet endearingly goofy guy with a bobble hat and plump for " Mike "? ( क्या आप "माइक" के लिए बॉबल हैट और प्लम्प के साथ एक लंबे, विचारशील लेकिन प्यारे नासमझ लड़के की तस्वीर लेते हैं? )
  • The Uglydoll plush creatures are very popular for their endearingly funny personalities. ( Uglydoll आलीशान जीव अपने प्यारे मजाकिया व्यक्तित्व के लिए बहुत लोकप्रिय हैं। )
  • Enticed, as he followed her in a trance, she sauntered along endearingly in her semi-nude, and that ushered in an unusual romance between them. ( मोहित, जैसे ही वह एक ट्रान्स में उसका पीछा करता था, वह अपने अर्ध-नग्न में प्यार से साथ-साथ चलती थी, और यह उनके बीच एक असामान्य रोमांस की शुरुआत करता था। )

More Sentence

  • There was something endearingly adorable (not to mention sexy) in the way she kept blushing and avoiding his knowing eyes, and Joel felt his heart melt.
  • He saw her furtively wipe the tears away with the back of her hand, and there was something so endearingly lovable about the gesture it made him want to kiss and comfort her.
  • She looked so breathtakingly beautiful and endearingly adorable, sitting there with her pets crowding around her, vying for her attention, that he was nearly overcome by a wave of emotion and desire, which suddenly assailed his senses, just by looking at her.
  • Wearing spectacles, Ulee looked endearingly like Fonda's dad.
  • When he was not terrifying, he could be endearingly gruff.
  • Or the endearingly goony grin, unchanged despite his 54 years.
  • His face is unweathered, his laugh soft and endearingly goofy.
  • This endearingly funny book looks at the pain of feeling unpopular.
  • His students tend to be endearingly earnest about their studies.
  • Morrell's students tend to be endearingly earnest about their studies.
  • Chorus and co-principals flutter, glide and scratch themselves endearingly.
  • The program split itself between the endearingly original and the endearingly familiar.
  • And yet, somehow he was still boyish, still close enough to her to relate to the kind of world she was living in (although of course he was incredibly wise with respect to that world), and he was also endearingly clumsy, even a bit shy, in dealing with her burgeoning femininity.
  • This is a country when my children ''run barefoot not because they are impoverished, but because they are free'' (quote from Nikki Gemmell in her beautifully written book Why You are Australian) This is a country that doesn't have stupid airs and graces, and is populated by people who, endearingly, tell it like it is even if it takes a while for a Pommie like me to catch onto the lingo.
  • While she uses this term endearingly, making claims that her ideal man is the "guido" type, many Italian American groups complained to MTV that usage of this term is damaging and hurtful.