end product - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of end product in Hindi

  • अंतिम उत्पाद


  • नतीजा
  • परिणाम
  • फल

end product Definition


  • that which is produced as the final result of an activity or process, especially the finished article in a manufacturing process.

end product Example

  • the unbroken line from supplier to end product ( आपूर्तिकर्ता से अंतिम उत्पाद तक अखंड रेखा )
  • In either isn't the end-product a huge speculative bubble bound to burst? ( या तो अंतिम उत्पाद में एक बड़ा सट्टा बुलबुला फटने के लिए बाध्य नहीं है? )
  • The song finds enigmatic frontman Brett Anderson on top vocal form, tho overall the end product does feel a bit weak. ( गाने में गूढ़ फ्रंटमैन ब्रेट एंडरसन शीर्ष मुखर रूप में हैं, कुल मिलाकर अंतिम उत्पाद थोड़ा कमजोर महसूस करता है। )
  • The end product has a potential use for landscaping, horticulture and agriculture as mulch, soil conditioner and topsoil additive. ( अंतिम उत्पाद का भूनिर्माण, बागवानी और कृषि के लिए मल्च, मिट्टी कंडीशनर और टॉपसॉइल एडिटिव के रूप में संभावित उपयोग होता है। )

More Sentence

  • This hydrogen is the waste end product of the metabolism of other, heterotrophic microorganisms.
  • Nitrogen metabolism end products are present in the hemolymph in low concentrations.
  • MPSMS are the end products upon which the work activities are performed.
  • The end product will be a concentrated mixture used as apple butter.
  • With this agreement, the quality of the end product will be superior.
  • To some extent, we have seen TV simply as an end product.
  • And in fact, there were differences even between these two high-end products.
  • Mincing is the same as dicing, only the end product is smaller.
  • The Concord 5345z is one of those high-end products that merit attention.
  • Every consumer has a unique taste and preferences of the end product.
  • It's difficult to see end products in a sentence .
  • The process continues and the end products are either dust or sand.
  • The end products can then be easily packaged for storage and distribution.
  • The press style used is in direct correlation to the end product.
  • Its excellent end product has made the machine well-known among composting companies.
  • the report is the end product of the survey