elm tree - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of elm tree in Hindi

  • एल्म का पेड़

elm tree Definition


  • a tall tree with broad leaves

elm tree Example

  • Elm-tree moth, parasite of the eggs of, xxxviii, 385. ( एल्म-ट्री मॉथ, xxxviii, 385 के अंडों के परजीवी। )
  • No one was on the path that went along the green river meadow, along the elm-tree colonnade. ( एल्म-ट्री कोलोनेड के साथ हरी नदी घास के मैदान के साथ जाने वाले रास्ते पर कोई नहीं था। )
  • Edward Morrison, the vicar of whom I have spoken as venerable, coming slowly up the path leaning on his son's arm with the intention of going into the church in search of a mislaid sermon-book, saw Priscilla's thoughtful back under the elm-tree and perceived at once that it was a back unknown to him. ( एडवर्ड मॉरिसन, जिसके बारे में मैंने आदरणीय कहा है, एक गुमराह धर्मोपदेश-पुस्तक की तलाश में चर्च में जाने के इरादे से अपने बेटे की बांह पर झुकते हुए धीरे-धीरे ऊपर आते हुए, एल्म-ट्री के नीचे प्रिसिला की विचारशील पीठ को देखा और एक बार में यह माना गया कि यह उसके लिए अज्ञात था। )

More Sentence

  • On this last occasion he brought a table out to the elm-tree by the mill stream, that I might get what air there was while I ate my supper; and I sat in great peace waiting for the kettle to boil and watching the sun dropping behind the sharp forest me, and all the little pools and currents into which the stream just there breaks as it flows over mud banks, ablaze with the red reflection of the sky.
  • The property included fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, flower beds, and elm trees.
  • The name derives from the Irish language name for elm tree, Liamhan.
  • Arbotect is not effective on root graft infections from adjacent elm trees.
  • At this time, the beautiful elm trees were planted along the road.
  • The former pool area is bounded by rows of large elm trees.
  • They have lush stands of elm trees and will require minimal leveling.
  • The meaning of the Welsh word " llwyfen " is the elm tree.
  • It's difficult to see elm tree in a sentence .
  • The weather had become worse than ever towards evening; the hail lashed the drenched mare so cruelly that she went along sideways, shaking her head and ears; but Levin was all right under his hood, and he looked cheerfully about him at the muddy streams running under the wheels, at the drops hanging on every bare twig, at the whiteness of the patch of unmelted hailstones on the planks of the bridge, at the thick layer of still juicy, fleshy leaves that lay heaped up about the stripped elm-tree.