drawback - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of drawback in Hindi


  • कमी
  • असुविधा
  •  क्रुटि
  • खोट
  • त्रुटि
  • बाधा
  • नुक्स
  • फिरती

drawback Definition


  • a feature that renders something less acceptable; a disadvantage or problem.
  • an amount of excise or import duty remitted on imported goods that the importer re-exports rather than sells domestically.

drawback Example

  • the main drawback of fitting catalytic converters is the cost ( उत्प्रेरक कन्वर्टर्स फिटिंग का मुख्य दोष लागत है )
  • Selling the house included the drawback of having to find and hire a realtor.  ( घर बेचने में एक रियाल्टार को खोजने और किराए पर लेने की कमी शामिल थी। ) 
  • Working on the weekends came with more pay, but the loss of free time was a significant drawback. ( सप्ताहांत पर काम करने से अधिक वेतन मिलता था, लेकिन खाली समय की हानि एक महत्वपूर्ण कमी थी। )
  • The only drawback of going to Disney World in the summer is the long lines. ( गर्मियों में डिज्नी वर्ल्ड में जाने का एक ही दोष है लंबी लाइनें। )

More Sentence

  • Another drawback was that most communications were by telex.
  • Limitation of Profit on Low-priced Bonds Not a Real Drawback.
  • Half-heartedness is a serious drawback and the cause of much.
  • This represents an essential drawback of the second approach.
  • The only drawback for me was my model’s lack of a suppressor.
  • Th e principal drawback of this approach is its Christian-.
  • But the luxury of lateral mobility has one very serious drawback.
  • A drawback of camping at the discounted site is the long walk to the bathrooms.  
  • they had been complaining of difficulties in getting quick reimbursement of duty drawback
  • A drawback is that the U content of the titanites is very low, making radiometric dating difficult.  
  • The only drawback is that the software is available only in English and the accent is British or American.  
  • But, when the humor is flat and repetitious, as is the case here, the absence of a credible storyline becomes a major drawback.  
  • One drawback of organic-based products is the tendency of chemicals to leach from the matrix material, leaving parts of the surface unprotected.  
  • It's a wonderful tree, the only drawback being that it comes into leaf long after most other garden plants, in late spring to early summer.  
  • The biggest drawback to this plan is that it will antagonize opponents of outsourcing.