dislocate - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of dislocate in Hindi

  • हटाना
  • जोड़ हटाना
  • भंग करना
  • सरकाना
  • जोड़ उखाड़ना
  • अस्तव्यस्त करना
  • विस्थापित करना

dislocate Definition


  • disturb the normal arrangement or position of (something, typically a joint in the body).

dislocate Example

  • I think she has a dislocated shoulder. ( मुझे लगता है कि उसके पास एक अव्यवस्थित कंधे है। )
  • I dislocated the shoulder in a fall. ( मैंने गिरावट में कंधे को हटा दिया। )
  • Throughout the country bridges were shattered, roads were broken up like ploughed fields, and the beds of rivers were dislocated. ( पूरे देश में पुल टूट गए, सड़कें जुताई के खेतों की तरह टूट गईं, और नदियों के तल उखड़ गए। )
  • The writer now sees that it belongs to the text of the Similitudes though it is dislocated from its original context. ( लेखक अब देखता है कि यह समानता के पाठ से संबंधित है, हालांकि इसे अपने मूल संदर्भ से हटा दिया गया है। )

More Sentence

  • The lower jaw (mandible) may be dislocated by force.
  • North of Lake Siljan (province of Kopparberg), however, they have been very much dislocated.
  • It's almost as if we experience an unease, a dislocation, because our freedom to move somewhere else is temporarily suspended.  
  • The surgeon performs a capsulorrhaphy by suturing the anterior capsule to decrease the occurrence of postoperative hip dislocation.  
  • Higher rates might buttress the greenback, but with a real possibility of inciting deleveraging, illiquidity, and market dislocation.  
  • It is very essential that materials required by these indentors are received by them regularly to avoid any dislocation in their work.  
  • The results show a dislocation of the nanotube indicative of a possible disassembly process that may influence the channel conduction.  
  • Back in the main galleries, the video installations of Jane and Louise Wilson and Willie Doherty reinforce that sensation of dislocation.  
  • Violent death, dislocation, and general social breakdown were among the immediate problems faced by the Congolese.
  • And whereas the main range is built up of hard eruptive or crystalline rocks, the subsidiary chains are composed of softer (Cretaceous and Tertiary) laminated formations, which easily become disintegrated and dislocated.
  • You had a dislocated shoulder – and yes, they already put it back into place.
  • The FA cup match at Anfield also saw Alan Smith suffer an horrific broken leg and dislocated ankle.
  • The blow from the boxer’s hit so hard that it was able to dislocate his opponent’s jaw from where it should sit.  
  • Running into a deep pothole, the driver managed to dislocate his car’s axle and had to have it repositioned by a mechanic.
  • Splints, casts, and braces support and protect broken bones, dislocated joints, and injured soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments.