desktop publishoing - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of desktop publishoing in Hindi

  • डेस्कटॉप प्रकाशन

desktop publishoing Definition


  • the production of printed matter by means of a printer linked to a desktop computer, with special software. The system enables reports, advertising matter, company magazines, etc., to be produced cheaply with a layout and print quality similar to that of typeset books, for xerographic or other reproduction.

desktop publishoing Example

  • Children collect and write their own stories, take digital photographs and use desktop publishing to produce the magazine. ( बच्चे अपनी कहानियों को इकट्ठा करते हैं और लिखते हैं, डिजिटल तस्वीरें लेते हैं और पत्रिका के निर्माण के लिए डेस्कटॉप प्रकाशन का उपयोग करते हैं। )
  • Ideal person will have a desktop publishing and advertising / marketing background with an entrepreneurial spirit. ( आदर्श व्यक्ति के पास उद्यमशीलता की भावना के साथ एक डेस्कटॉप प्रकाशन और विज्ञापन / विपणन पृष्ठभूमि होगी। )
  • A graphics consultant will be needed to develop a logo and print materials, unless you're very skilled at desktop publishing. ( लोगो और प्रिंट सामग्री विकसित करने के लिए एक ग्राफिक्स सलाहकार की आवश्यकता होगी, जब तक कि आप डेस्कटॉप प्रकाशन में बहुत कुशल न हों। )

More Sentence

  • Desktop publishing is not graphic design.
  • Who coined the phrase 'desktop publishing '?.
  • Desktop publishing programs, and color printers.
  • Some are almost indistinguishable from desktop publishing systems.
  • desktop publishing lets you produce books quickly and cheaply.
  • Apple's Macintosh ( 1984 ) was particularly useful for desktop publishing.
  • Sometimes images produced on office PC or Macintosh desktop publishing systems may not look the same as on a CD reproduction center's system which may use more advanced and different technology.
  • Many of these programs do double-duty as basic word processing, graphic design, desktop publishing applications.