day time - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of day time in Hindi

  • दिन का समय
  • दिन
  • रोज़
  • दिवस

day time Definition


  • the time of the day between sunrise and sunset.

day time Example

  • Julian slept during the daytime. ( जूलियन दिन में सोता था। )
  • At the platform door it is daytime. ( प्लेटफार्म के दरवाजे पर दिन का समय होता है। )
  • Love-making stifles me in the daytime. ( प्रेम-प्रसंग मुझे दिन में दबा देता है। )
  • She could tolerate daytime television. ( वह दिन के समय टेलीविजन बर्दाश्त कर सकती थी। )
  • There was no one there in the daytime.  ( दिन में वहां कोई नहीं था। )

More Sentence

  • Some animals are inactive during the daytime.
  • This is daytime television at its most anodyne.
  • We left in the daytime so as not to arouse suspicion.
  • In the daytime he stayed up in his room, sleeping, or listening to music.
  • Can I take your daytime telephone number ?
  • You hardly ever see owls in the daytime.
  • Daytime temperatures never fell below 80?F.
  • Please give a daytime telephone number.
  • The park is open during daytime throughout the summer.
  • Daytime temperatures barely reached plus 5o.
  • Daytime temperatures can reach 40?C.
  • Resist the temptation to nap in the daytime.
  • One day she fell asleep in the daytime.
  • He thinks everyone should keep daytime.
  • The daytime maids will be arriving soon.
  • All was as we had seen it in the daytime.
  • In the daytime he forgot her a good deal.
  • Even though it’s daytime, the rain and.
  • How can she be out in the daytime?
  • He missed her during the daytime, at least.
  • I thought the scene would be in the daytime.
  • Violent squalls assaulted us during the daytime.
  • In daytime — within; in the night — with-.