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crop Definition


  • a cultivated plant that is grown as food, especially a grain, fruit, or vegetable.
  • a group or amount of related people or things appearing or occurring at one time.
  • a hairstyle in which the hair is cut very short.
  • short for riding crop.
  • a pouch in a bird's gullet where food is stored or prepared for digestion.
  • the entire tanned hide of an animal.


  • cut (something, especially a person's hair) very short.
  • (of an animal) bite off and eat the tops of (plants).
  • harvest (plants or their produce) from a particular area.

crop Example

  • The summer had been very dry and the corn crop had failed. ( गर्मी बहुत शुष्क थी और मकई की फसल खराब हो गई थी। )
  • Last year's cotton crop was an unmitigated disaster.  ( पिछले साल कपास की फसल एक अघोषित आपदा थी। )
  • The islanders could barely survive without an export crop. ( निर्यात फसल के बिना द्वीपवासी मुश्किल से जीवित रह सकते थे। )
  • You never can tell what might crop up. ( आप कभी नहीं बता सकते कि क्या फसल हो सकती है। ) 

More Sentence

  • The tomato plants were drooping, their crop reduced to small discolored fruit.
  • Another crop failure could result in widespread famine.
  • Sugar has always been an important crop on the island.
  • Wheat is the most important crop and is widely distributed.
  • An untreatable new strain of the flu might crop up at any moment.
  • The large and heavy crop has caused a unique modification of the sternal apparatus.
  • With large crop and caeca.
  • In 1909 the acreage of hay alone was 675,000 acres, and the crop was 844,000 tons, valued at $11,225,000.
  • There is a large crop of mistakes in your essay.
  • The programme brought quite a crop of complaints from viewers.
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  • A green manure is a crop grown mainly to improve soil fertility.
  • The wheat crop was 4,810,000 bushels, and the acreage 370,000.
  • In case the crop failed the Code fixed a statutory return.
  • you can always crop the picture afterwards
  • the current crop of politicians
  • failure to observe sound practice leads to a lamb crop at weaning of around 50–60 percent
  • she has her hair cut in a short crop
  • a heavy crop of fruit
  • In 1899 the acreage had increased to 24,275,101 and the crop to 9,507,786 bales.
  • I was there in May at which time there was a splendid crop of nuts on these trees.
  • A crop of "tares" which we read about in the scripture enriches the soil for the next crop.
  • I agree with Mr. Bernath, however, that it will reduce the crop for two or three years.
  • Without the slightest warning he brought down his hunting crop upon his horse's flanks.
  • Also conjectural are the questions of crop size and regularity of bearing in the event the tree was permitted to mature its nuts.
  • The crop on these trees, with the same fertilization and cultivation ranges from no nuts to a heavy crop of nuts.
  • His mouth had gone slack and he looked a perfect and grotesque imbecile under his wig-like crop of white hair.
  • Moreover, when they were removed, it was often found that an abundant crop of lallang and weeds resulted.
  • These three produce a great quantity of cloves, but every fourth year the crop is far larger than at other times.
  • A large part of the bloom was damaged by the cold, hence the tree set a lighter crop of nuts than usual.
  • However she generously allowed a few air pollinated nutlets to grow, and so there will be a small crop of the round and plump smooth green balls.
  • His pose became a little theatrical while he waited for his mount, striking his riding boot smartly with his crop as he stood in full view of them.
  • he had a thick crop of wiry hair
  • the parent waxbill partially digests food in its crop