credentials - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of credentials in Hindi

  • साख
  • प्रत्यय पत्र
  • परिचय पत्र

credentials Definition


  • a qualification, achievement, quality, or aspect of a person's background, especially when used to indicate their suitability for something.


  • provide with credentials.

credentials Example

  • It will verify the credentials of any service people who come by. ( यह आने वाले किसी भी सेवा के लोगों की साख को सत्यापित करेगा। )
  • Accordingly, the credentials must also be constituents of the revelation. ( तदनुसार, साख भी रहस्योद्घाटन के घटक होने चाहिए। )
  • In February 1792, at his own mortal peril, he once more succeeded in reaching Paris with counterfeit credentials as minister plenipotentiary to Portugal. ( फरवरी १७९२ में, अपने स्वयं के नश्वर जोखिम पर, वह एक बार फिर पुर्तगाल के मंत्री पूर्णाधिकारी के रूप में नकली प्रमाण-पत्रों के साथ पेरिस पहुंचने में सफल रहे। )

More Sentence

  • Dean ordered a cup and showed her his credentials, but she hardly glanced at them.
  • Pretenders stepped forward but with even less credentials than the recently departed Rupert Youngblood.
  • The miracles may be regarded as the credentials of the agents of divine revelation.
  • The two conceptions, once common in the Christian church, that on the one hand miracles involved an interference with the forces and a suspension of the laws of nature, and that, on the other hand, as this could be effected only by divine power, they served as credentials of a divine revelation, are now generally abandoned.
  • Inside, a white-jacketed attendant, who looked like a high­schooler, casually checked Dean's credentials while Cynthia wait­ed, not quite out of ear shot.
  • Bermudez certainly came to Europe, but with what credentials is not known.
  • He chose to accept the latter, journeyed in February 1341 to Naples, was honourably entertained by the king, and, after some formal disputations on matters touching the poet's art, was sent with magnificent credentials to Rome.
  • Out of this contrast there ultimately grew an essentially different opposition between faith and knowledge or reason, according to which the theological basis of ethics was contrasted with the philosophical; the theologians maintaining sometimes that the divine law is essentially arbitrary, the expression of will, not reason; more frequently that its reasonableness is inscrutable, and that actual human reason should confine itself to examining the credentials of God's messengers, and not the message itself.
  • The diets were henceforth to be triennial, and every new king was to pledge himself to be crowned and issue his credentials 1 within six months of the death of his predecessor.
  • 13); here lay both his qualification and his credentials, once the fruits of the divine inworking were manifest in the success of his missionary work (Gal.
  • At his own request the article on Christianity was assigned to him in Dr Brewster's Edinburgh Encyclopaedia, and in studying the credentials of Christianity he received a new impression of its contents.
  • In 1801 an Armenian merchant from Bagdad had appeared as the bearer of credentials from Napoleon, but his mission was mistrusted and came to nothing.
  • Continental Congress, taking with him fresh credentials of radicalism in the shape of Virginia's answer, which he had drafted, to Lord North's conciliatory propositions.
  • When you make an appointment to see someone, don't be afraid to ask for proof of credentials.
  • We also check the credentials of every charity you want to donate to.
  • Cosign with SPNEGO support will provide a way of delegating credentials to web services, which at present is only possible by running KCT.
  • He had impeccable credentials for the job of heading the US central bank.