counsel - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of counsel in Hindi

  • सलाह
  • परामर्श
  • मंत्रणा
  • मशवरा
  • आधिवक्ता
  • परामर्श देना
  • सलाह देना
  • मन्त्रणा

counsel Definition


  • advice, especially that given formally.
  • the lawyer or lawyers conducting a case.


  • give advice to (someone).

counsel Example

  • the counsel for the defense ( बचाव पक्ष के वकील )
  • Counsel must be followed, not praised.  ( सलाह का पालन किया जाना चाहिए, प्रशंसा नहीं। )
  • Anger and haste hinder good counsel.  ( क्रोध और जल्दबाजी अच्छे परामर्श में बाधक है। )
  • It is easier to give good counsel than to follow it. ( अच्छी सलाह देना उसका पालन करने से आसान है। )

More Sentence

  • with wise counsel a couple can buy a home that will be appreciating in value
  • This is a counsel of despair.
  • This person needs the counsel of a psychiatrist.
  • I'm a scientist and if I don't know an answer, I seek counsel from sharper brains.
  • After a brilliant college career, which made him doctor of laws and a qualified barrister at nineteen, he was appointed counsel to the Breton estates and in 1775 professor of ecclesiastical law at Rennes.
  • Good counsel does no harm.
  • A fool may give a wise man counsel.  
  • Good counsel never comes amiss.
  • In one respect Mallet gave him good counsel in those early days.
  • Cromwell replied by requesting a brief delay to ask counsel of God and his own heart.
  • A similar counsel of moderation was given to the Canadian press in connexion with the Manitoba school question in December 1897.
  • He entered the legal profession, also doing journalistic work, and at the age of 25 was appointed provincial counsel for Brabant, becoming communal counsel in 1903.
  • In his difficulties he took counsel with L.Constance took the counsel offered her, and seated herself in full glare of the Southwestern sun.
  • Whole volumes of rapture around him are heard, But he keeps his counsel and says not a word.
  • If a good seed in good ground won't germinate of its own accord, words of counsel can't help it.
  • We court your imitation: Would ye fondly love as we, We counsel separation.
  • Why did I not forsee Such an emergency, and tutor thee This counsel also wisely to elude?
  • You and McKinney ought to skin Doc and the Learned Counsel easy if you had a bit of savvy.
  • Besides most people are sensitive about their shortcomings, and prefer to get help and counsel in private.
  • Asa's words made us reflect, and we held counsel together as to what was best to be done.
  • Then these animals took counsel together how they should contrive to drive away the robbers, and at last they thought of a way.
  • He could but give the woman the best counsel at his command, and do what he might to quicken any latent spark of energy.
  • And in the complications of the trade and politics of their vast empire, they have been equal to every exigency, with counsel and with conduct.
  • Actually, I'm a lawyer, working with local counsel on a pending case.
  • he took much counsel with him