convoy - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of convoy in Hindi

  • काफिले
  • रक्षक दल
  • रक्षा
  • सार्थवाह

convoy Definition


  • a group of ships or vehicles traveling together, typically accompanied by armed troops, warships, or other vehicles for protection.


  • (of a warship or armed troops) accompany (a group of ships or vehicles) for protection.

convoy Example

  • American destroyers helped to convoy much-needed supplies to Britain in 1917–18 ( अमेरिकी विध्वंसक ने १९१७-१८ में ब्रिटेन को बहुत आवश्यक आपूर्ति करने में मदद की )
  • It was a convoy of conscripts enrolled from our people and starting to join the army. ( यह हमारे लोगों से नामांकित सिपाहियों का एक काफिला था और सेना में शामिल होने लगा था। )  
  • Carson took part in the Mexican War, and, after the rush to the Pacific Coast began, engaged as a guide to convoy emigrants and drovers across the plains and mountains. ( कार्सन ने मैक्सिकन युद्ध में भाग लिया, और, प्रशांत तट पर भीड़ शुरू होने के बाद, मैदानी और पहाड़ों में प्रवासियों और चालकों के काफिले के लिए एक गाइड के रूप में लगे। ) 
  • His fleet was allowed to become scattered, and the Dutchman brought his convoy back safe after a partial action with Penn, Blake's subordinate, on the 6th of August. ( उसके बेड़े को बिखरने दिया गया, और 6 अगस्त को पेन, ब्लेक के अधीनस्थ पेन के साथ आंशिक कार्रवाई के बाद डचमैन अपने काफिले को सुरक्षित वापस ले आया। )  

More Sentence

  • A pleasant feeling of excitement and an expectation of something joyful and solemn was aroused among the soldiers of the convoy and the prisoners.
  • The " Black Prince " and " Duke of Edinburgh " were doing convoy work in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, and the " Warrior was at Port Said, while the " Defence " was with Rear-Adml.
  • They gathered with neighbors to form a convoy to drive out.
  • He was coerced into saying that NATO had bombed the convoy.
  • It's difficult to see convoy in a sentence .
  • But Cohen argued that the refugee convoy was a special case.
  • We sped out as part of an 11-vehicle convoy.
  • Just outside Becora, the tiny convoy stopped in the shade.
  • The Russian convoy then staked out the ground as its own.
  • The rest of the convoy came down later in the afternoon.
  • Convoys of military trucks loaded with artillery periodically rumble through downtown.
  • There, Ghafar's convoy stopped at a small field.
  • Soon he was gone, headed to Pakistan by car convoy.
  • A convoy of US special forces was spotted in the area.
  • The object was to plunder a Dutch convoy which had taken refuge at Bergen in Norway, then united to Denmark.
  • A convoy was hit by gunfire.
  • The missiles were moved under convoy.
  • Demonstrators planted themselves right in front of the convoy of trucks.
  • The convoy commodore sees to the internal management of the convoy.
  • American destroyers helped to convoy much-needed supplies to Britain in 1917.
  • We drove in convoy because I didn't know the route.
  • Shall we all drive to the party in convoy so we don't get lost?
  • Two fighters buzzed the convoy as it approached the coast.
  • The UN convoy was mined on its way to the border.
  • Christian De Wet, who had first come into prominence as the captor of Lord Roberts's convoy at Waterval, and was now operating east and south-west of Bloemfontein in order to counteract the influence of Roberts's numerous flying columns which rode hither and thither offering peace, added to his laurels by ambushing Broadwood's mounted brigade and horse artillery at Sannah's Post, just outside Bloemfontein, on the 31st of March.
  • Besides Denisov and Dolokhov (who also led a small party and moved in Denisov's vicinity), the commanders of some large divisions with staffs also knew of this convoy and, as Denisov expressed it, were sharpening their teeth for it.