come along - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of come along in Hindi

  • साथ आओ
  • साथ-साथ चले जाना
  • ज़ल्दी करना

come along Definition


  • arrive.
  • make progress; develop.

come along Example

  • Do you want me to come along? ( क्या आप चाहते हैं कि मैं साथ आऊं? )
  • We have a really good time and hope many other children come along and enjoy Sunbeams too ! ( हमारे पास वास्तव में अच्छा समय है और आशा है कि कई अन्य बच्चे भी साथ आएंगे और सनबीम्स का भी आनंद लेंगे! )
  • His ailing arm is coming along faster than expected . .. ( उनका बीमार हाथ उम्मीद से कहीं ज्यादा तेजी से आगे आ रहा है। ।। )
  • They argued that Bush had just come along for the ride. ( उन्होंने तर्क दिया कि बुश सिर्फ सवारी के लिए आए थे। )

More Sentence

  • They come along and put in what you would term inferior equipment and charge extortionate prices for it.  
  • Hopefully it will take in a lot of money and someone else will come along and do the next one tons better.  
  • Eventually a guy will come along who may possibly break it,
  • But if another good script were to come along . ..
  • So I invited her to come along on Friday after school.
  • That could encourage them to attack those who come along later.
  • Ask a friend to come along if you want a witness.
  • Her 5 month old niece Erin will be next to come along!
  • But wait for a few days until something else comes along.
  • When something like this comes along you want to show support.
  • Whether the criticism comes along with it remains to be seen.
  • We should be grateful for any job opportunity that comes along.
  • But interesting and important new work is coming along every day.
  • For no corporation to come along and help is a travesty.
  • Neither society, however, saw fit to appoint road safety officers; these would come along much later in history.
  • Then someone could come along and say they own New York.
  • A car like the Prowler comes along once every 10 years,
  • Maybe a deer like old Big Boy will come along again.
  • Plus, come along to pick up your one off promotional pack.
  • I wish you'd let me come along with you.
  • Maybe someone would come along and make him forget about the things he thought a woman should be.
  • I volunteer to sleep there tonight, if the love of my life is willing to come along.