chef - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of chef in Hindi

  • बावर्ची
  • महाराज
  • सर्वोत्तम कलाकृति
  • शाहकार

chef Definition


  • a professional cook, typically the chief cook in a restaurant or hotel. ( एक पेशेवर कुक, आमतौर पर एक रेस्तरां या होटल में मुख्य कुक। )


  • work as a chef. ( शेफ के रूप में काम करते हैं। )

chef Example

  • celebrity chef ( प्रसिद्ध रसोइया )
  • I have never met a chef who enjoys cooking vegetarian food, it confuses them. ( मैं कभी ऐसे शेफ से नहीं मिला, जिसे शाकाहारी भोजन पकाने में मजा आता हो, यह उन्हें भ्रमित करता है। )
  • The restaurant changed its chef quite recently and we haven't been able to inspect it since. ( रेस्तरां ने हाल ही में अपने शेफ को बदल दिया और हम इसका निरीक्षण नहीं कर पाए हैं। )
  • Their livers were then cut out and borne in triumph to a local restaurant, where the chef was ordered to cook them. ( फिर उनकी नदियां काट दी गईं और विजय के लिए एक स्थानीय रेस्तरां में आ गए, जहां महाराज को उन्हें पकाने का आदेश दिया गया था। )
  • However I would have to pity the poor chef who has to cook their pre-match and after match meals! ( हालाँकि मुझे उन गरीब शेफ पर दया करनी होगी, जिन्हें अपना प्री-मैच और खाना खाने के बाद खाना बनाना है! )

More Sentence

  • When you're eating in a restaurant and the chef comes over to your table you feel special.
  • I'd never been to a restaurant where a chef completely decides what you're going to eat and drink.
  • The best way to ‘winterise’ your fish is to do what restaurant chefs do and treat it as if it were meat.
  • With the experienced management team and the excellent chefs , this restaurant should do well.
  • Twenty-three per cent of chefs and cooks said that they were satisfied in their jobs.
  • But there are plenty of professional chefs who find it hard to cope when it comes to camp cooking.
  • Several local companies also supported the competition by donating produce for the young chefs to cook.
  • There were plenty of other chefs to help cook, so the task did not take as long as she thought it would.
  • That means the chefs cook and the wine experts pour wine and talk about it.
  • I thought I was writing the book for cooks and chefs and restaurant people in the New York area.
  • Two other celebrity chefs have opened restaurants in Scotland recently.
  • She praised the efforts of the restaurant's four chefs and five other members of staff.
  • These will be bought by patrons and the chefs will cook it according to specifications.
  • The restaurant employs five chefs and spends tens of thousands of pounds in training its cooks.
  • Cash will be the vital ingredient as celebrity chefs cook up a special fundraising treat for charity.
  • Each sous chef has four assistant chefs under him who, in turn, have trainee cooks under them.