chat - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of chat in Hindi

  • बातचीत
  • गपशप
  • जूं
  • गप
  • बक


  • गपशप करना
  • गप लड़ाना
  • बातचीत करना
  • बकना
  • बकबक करना
  • बहस करना
  • छोटे पक्षियों का एक वर्ग
  • बकवास

chat Definition


  • talk in a friendly and informal way. ( एक दोस्ताना और अनौपचारिक तरीके से बात करें। )


  • a small Old World songbird of the thrush subfamily, with a harsh call and typically with bold black, white, and buff or chestnut coloration. ( थ्रश सबफ़ैमिली का एक छोटा सा पुराना विश्व गीत, कठोर कॉल के साथ और आमतौर पर बोल्ड ब्लैक, व्हाइट, और बफ़ या चेस्टनट रंग के साथ। )
  • any of a number of small songbirds with harsh calls. ( कठोर कॉल के साथ कई छोटे गीत-गाने। )
  • an informal conversation. ( एक अनौपचारिक बातचीत। )

chat Example

  • the perfect place for loads of cocktails and plenty of chat ( कॉकटेल के भार के लिए सही जगह और बहुत सारे चैट )
  • Unable to meet their friends in person, they chat online instead. ( व्यक्तिगत रूप से अपने दोस्तों से मिलने में असमर्थ, वे इसके बजाय ऑनलाइन चैट करते हैं। )
  • join me for a live online chat Wednesday at 1400 hours ( 1400 घंटे पर बुधवार को लाइव ऑनलाइन चैट के लिए मुझसे जुड़ें )

More Sentence

  • he dropped in for a chat
  • Lastly, all residents would be able to chat or surf away in parks, linking the great outdoors with technology.
  • The group is informal and gives the opportunity for parents to have a chat , while their children play with other kids.
  • MSN Messenger (like many similar programs) has offered video chat for years.
  • We will also be supporting the headset for voice chat .
  • If you would like to give some time to furthering the caring work of the centre, ring to get an appointment for an informal chat .
  • That night we had a decent chat and said our goodbyes to each other through our conversation.
  • But she was really nice and came and sat at our table and had a chat and it was very informal.
  • My wife doesn't really go near the computer except to chat with friends.
  • Many of the topics discussed in the chat were later elaborated in the conference system.
  • I could wait until late May and maybe find a mourning warbler or a yellow-breasted chat .
  • Their main role in Internet chat is to form a mercenary authority infrastructure in otherwise unregulated chat rooms.
  • Requests for functionality ranging from live chat to online stores to sophisticated content management functionality may not help the client achieve their business goals.
  • Users can also chat with viewers via an integrated chat feature.
  • Unlike e-mail, which can cost up to 85% less than a phone call, chat doesn't save much.
  • online chat has been widely accepted by average Internet users
  • Web-based chat usually leaves me cold, I much perfer a standalone client.
  • Broadband players can use voice chat through the USB headset.
  • How do they like to communicate - by e-mail, voicemail or an informal chat when you drop by their office?
  • I keep getting messages popping up on my screen from people wanting to chat
  • Provide multiple ways (1-800 number, email, live chat ) to connect with your company.
  • that's enough chat for tonight
  • After our chat , Trevor was decent enough to drive me back into San Francisco.
  • A cup of tea and a chat in the community centre was greatly appreciated.
  • The first story admits of a little frivolity, as we see in the conversation of the girls and the bawdy chat of Graham.
  • Informal chats with officials revealed that windsurfing is one of the fastest growing aquatic sports in the world.
  • The chaplain will be asked to work for a couple of hours a week chatting and listening to customers and staff.