change - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of change in Hindi

  • परिवर्तन
  • बदलना
  • चेंज
  • बदली
  • तबदीली
  • विविधता
  • कपड़ों का बदल
  • एवज़
  • विपर्यय
  • नया चांद
  • बहुरूपता
  • विकार
  • रेज़गी
  • जोड़ा
  • विभिन्नता
  • उलट-फेर


  • बदलना
  • बदल देना
  • अदला बदली करना
  • स्थान लेना
  • बदल जाना
  • विनिमय करना
  • गाड़ी बदलना
  • जगह लेना
  • तुड़ाना
  • भुनाना
  • पलटना
  • पलटा देना
  • कपड़ा पहनना
  • कपड़ा बदलना
  • आदान-प्रदान करना
  • उलट-पलट करना


  • अस्थिर
  • तब्दीली
  • रेज़गारी

change Definition


  • the act or instance of making or becoming different. ( अलग बनाने या बनने की क्रिया या उदाहरण। )
  • coins as opposed to paper currency. ( कागज की मुद्रा के विपरीत सिक्के। )
  • an order in which a peal of bells can be rung. ( एक क्रम जिसमें घंटियों का एक ढेर बज सकता है। )
  • a place where merchants met to do business. ( एक ऐसा स्थान जहाँ व्यापारी व्यापार करने के लिए मिलते थे। )


  • make or become different. ( अलग करना या बनना। )
  • take or use another instead of. ( के बजाय एक और ले लो या उपयोग करें। )

change Example

  • In a city where greed is good, it makes a refreshing change but the bottom line is that success is expected to continue regardless. ( ऐसे शहर में जहां लालच अच्छा है, यह एक ताज़ा बदलाव करता है, लेकिन लब्बोलुआब यह है कि सफलता की परवाह किए बिना जारी रहने की उम्मीद है। )
  • Prosecutors normally try to insist that someone was rational when they did the crime, is this a change of tack? ( अभियोजक आम तौर पर जोर देकर कहते हैं कि कोई व्यक्ति तर्कसंगत था जब उन्होंने अपराध किया था, क्या यह एक परिवर्तन है? )
  • Before I could pull some change out of my pocket to pay for it, a hand held out ten dollars to the man who served me. ( इससे पहले कि मैं इसके लिए भुगतान करने के लिए अपनी जेब से कुछ बदलाव ला सकूं, एक हाथ ने मुझे सेवा करने वाले व्यक्ति को दस डॉलर दिए। )

More Sentence

  • they stopped at the corner, waiting for the lights to change
  • environmental change
  • It requires a change of mindset on the part of the employer, but it takes time.
  • She had to take a train to London, a flight to Paris, change to an Air France flight to Barcelona and then a boat trip to the island.
  • he packed a shirt and a change of socks
  • What a refreshing change it is to experience a service person that does not detest his or her job.
  • All pennies and loose change can be given to pupils at the school or donated at the school itself.
  • Chairman Rennie Pinder said he could not rule out a change of venue but refused to speculate on a possible return to Chorley.
  • Even if the same party regains power, the change in leadership can make all the difference.
  • Well if I was to do anything differently I wouldn't insist on a change of venue, but I would write my own vows.
  • I blinked, a little confused by the sudden change in conversation, but quickly nodded.
  • From there he worked without official credentials to facilitate a change of policy at home.
  • Pretty much everything has to change shape.
  • A refreshing change from the unholy stench emanating from the factories out the back.
  • But we have to ask not only how the present situation works, but also how it might be affected if there was to be a change of regime.
  • The nation that benefits from change is that which adapts the quickest.
  • a change was made to the document
  • That doesn't make them any less important of course but it is a refreshing change .
  • wait for a gap and then change gears
  • Day and night are well implemented and you can even see the moon change as the month progresses.
  • After they had bathed and put on a change of clean clothes, there was a knock at the door.
  • Oh, by the way, we concluded that a change of address is out of the question.
  • change sides
  • I help provide clients with a fresh change of clothes after they have had a hot meal and a wash.
  • It would be only on request or if a change of policy were indicated that Ministers would be informed or involved.
  • If there is a change of Government, that is when those things come to an end.
  • the ferns began to change shape