chandelier - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of chandelier in Hindi

  • झूमर
  • झाड़ फ़ानूस
  • चैण्डेलयर
  • कडियों की झाड-फानूस

chandelier Definition

  • a decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles. ( कई प्रकाश बल्ब या मोमबत्तियों के लिए शाखाओं के साथ एक सजावटी फांसी प्रकाश। )

chandelier Example

  • A giant chandelier hovered over them lit with many candles illuminating the room. ( एक विशाल झाड़ फ़ानूस उन पर मंडराया जिससे कई मोमबत्तियाँ कमरे को रोशन करती हैं। )
  • My dark brown hair was shining in the light from the candles in the chandelier and the brackets on the walls. ( मेरे गहरे भूरे बाल झूमर में मोमबत्तियों और दीवारों पर कोष्ठक से रोशनी में चमक रहे थे। )
  • The room is dark and the only light comes from a chandelier which he holds like a torch. ( कमरा अंधेरा है और एकमात्र प्रकाश एक झूमर से आता है जिसे वह एक मशाल की तरह रखता है। )
  • It used to light up a room better than a crystal chandelier that used thirty light bulbs. ( यह एक क्रिस्टल झूमर से बेहतर एक कमरे में प्रकाश करता था जो तीस प्रकाश बल्बों का उपयोग करता था। )
  • When we entered the beautifully adorned hallway, I was star struck by the lights of the chandeliers . ( जब हम खूबसूरती से सजी हुई दालान में प्रवेश किया, तो मैं झाड़ की रोशनी से घिर गया। )

More Sentence

  • The light from candlelit chandeliers cast a soft and erratic glow upon her skin.
  • The lights were like tiny chandeliers and were the color of fireflies.
  • Inside, the church was stuffed with branches of greenery and hundreds of real candles in polished chandeliers .
  • Iron sconces and several large chandeliers lit the dining room brightly.
  • It was decorated beautifully with crystal chandeliers and soft spotlights.
  • Investigation showed it was caused by chandeliers of lights suspended from parachutes slowly drifting above the roof-tops.
  • His interior pieces on display include medieval banquet tables, slender candlesticks and chandeliers , and mirrors.
  • Katherine grinned as she was swept to the left by the waltz, her eyes gleaming underneath the light of the crystal chandeliers .
  • They reached towards the chandeliers and light fixtures.
  • A soft laugh slipped from his lips as his green eyes twinkled with the light from the overhead chandeliers .
  • Ladies wore flashy jewelry that caught the light of the chandeliers and sparkled brilliantly.
  • Candle chandeliers hung one after another, leading up to a beautiful stained glass window, laced with silver like trickles of sky.
  • A hundred strings and chains dangled candle lamps and small chandeliers at about ten foot.
  • Parker looked up to see the beautiful candle chandeliers that hung there.
  • A few moments passed where he just watched me, look intense, and the light from chandeliers danced a whitewashed marble across his face.