centi- - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of centi- in Hindi

  • शतांश

centi- Definition

  • (in units of measurement) one hundredth. ( (माप की इकाइयों में) एक सौवां। )
  • (in units of measurement) hundred. ( (माप की इकाइयों में) सौ। )

centi- Example

  • It's difficult to see centi in a sentence .
  • "I'm afraid what if I have need to use the bathroom, " said Assunta Centi, 41, another traveler in Rome's station.
  • The term centimillionaire has become synonymous with hectomillionaire in America, despite the centi-prefix meaning the one hundredth of a whole, not 100, in the metric system.
  • A kilometre was historically defined as a centi-grad of arc along a great circle of the Earth, so the kilometer is the decimal analog to the sexagesimal nautical mile.
  • The first publications included " Il silenzio di Lenth ", a fantasy novel by Luca Centi, and " Ho scoperto che ti amo " by Ann Edwards Cannon.
  • It is expressed as milliequivalent of hydrogen per 100 g of dry soil ( meq + / 100g ), or the SI unit centi-mol per kg ( cmol + / kg ).