carsick - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of carsick in Hindi

  • कारसिक

carsick Definition

  • affected with nausea caused by the motion of a car or other vehicle in which one is traveling. ( एक कार या अन्य वाहन की गति के कारण मतली से प्रभावित होता है जिसमें कोई यात्रा कर रहा होता है। )

carsick Example

  • If your child gets carsick while reading in the car, don't pack a bag of library books! ( यदि आपका बच्चा कार में पढ़ते समय कारसेवक हो जाता है, तो पुस्तकालय पुस्तकों का एक बैग पैक न करें! )
  • Danny gets carsick real easy, so he tries to sleep through the entire ride. ( डैनी को कारस्टिक असली आसान लगती है, इसलिए वह पूरी सवारी के माध्यम से सोने की कोशिश करता है। )
  • If someone would have told her - warned her - Tyler got severely carsick on long road trips, she would have never sat with him. ( अगर किसी ने उसे बताया होगा - उसे चेतावनी दी - टायलर को लंबे समय तक सड़क यात्राओं पर गंभीर रूप से दर्द हो रहा है, तो वह उसके साथ कभी नहीं बैठती। )
  • Since childhood, I've been the carsick passenger whose stomach churns in nauseous waves that turn my face a bilious green. ( बचपन से, मैं कार्सिक यात्री रहा हूं, जिसकी नाक से निकलने वाली लहरों में पेट भर जाता है, जो मेरे चेहरे को हरा-भरा कर देता है। )

More Sentence

  • Lately Millie's been carsick quite a bit and my brainstorming on what I should pack in order to clean up any accidents while travelling has made me feel rather gloomy.
  • My friends and I took a limousine to the school dance, and I was feeling a little carsick .
  • Readily equipped with all manner of diversions, she dealt with two terminally bored, carsick children with the aplomb one would expect of a career nurse.
  • The elevator ride makes me want to throw up, even though I don't get carsick , even after reading in a car for six hours straight.
  • She had also picked up doughnuts and milk for Isabelle, who had been sleepy and carsick for quite some time.
  • Sometimes I got carsick if it was really hot and there were a lot of people in the car.
  • I was beginning to get a little carsick , when we stopped with a slightly, almost undetectable, jerk.
  • I know she's wondering if it's very far because she gets totally carsick and throws up if she's on the road for too long.
  • She hasn't gotten carsick since she was five, but she wasn't so sure about her stomach's endurance anymore.
  • Over 45 million people will hit the road this holiday season and, chances are, many of them will be uttering the same quiet prayer: Please, please don't let the kids be carsick .
  • It was better than being carsick on the drive in the mountains.
  • About ten minutes into our drive home, I got carsick and we had to pull over.
  • The jiggling and swaying of the cab along with the gasoline smell leaking through the vent was getting to me and, for a while, I thought I might be carsick .
  • I've known dogs who get carsick outside of crates.
  • It was a 90-minute drive in a station wagon with no air-conditioning - four kids and two collies, everyone sweltering and carsick .
  • He is energetic and passionate about what he does; he is generous and funny; and he gets a little bit carsick in taxis.
  • Alternatively, the pomelo peel can be preserved with sugar and made into soup, which is an efficacious drug for carsickness .
  • My mother would talk about her own childhood journeys to Alexandra, hours spent in the company car on unsealed roads, following the scenery and the road signs with her eyes and waiting for the inevitable carsickness .
  • Darcy plugged into her iPOD, resenting her carsickness .
  • It evokes the vague nausea of carsickness .
  • He revitalized the fashion label, once only known for a fragrance that induced carsickness .