cannabis - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of cannabis in Hindi

  • कैनबिस
  • भांग
  • गांजा
  • कैन्नाबिस
  • भांग का पौधा


  • कैनबिस

cannabis Definition

  • a tall plant with a stiff upright stem, divided serrated leaves, and glandular hairs. It is used to produce hemp fiber and as a psychotropic drug. ( एक कड़े पौधे के साथ एक लंबा पौधा, विभाजित दाँतेदार पत्ते, और ग्रंथियों के बाल। इसका उपयोग सन फाइबर और साइकोट्रोपिक दवा के रूप में किया जाता है। )

cannabis Example

  • Should more research be done into the use of cannabis to treat arthritis? ( क्या गठिया के इलाज के लिए भांग के उपयोग पर अधिक शोध किया जाना चाहिए? )
  • Attitudes towards cannabis among the police, many politicians and the public are changing. ( पुलिस, कई राजनेताओं और जनता के बीच भांग के प्रति दृष्टिकोण बदल रहे हैं। )
  • Why then would the Government ignore all of this and refuse to review the status of cannabis ? ( फिर सरकार इस सब को नजरअंदाज क्यों करेगी और भांग की स्थिति की समीक्षा करने से इनकार करेगी? )
  • Thus published data do not support the characterisation of cannabis as a risk factor for mortality. ( इस प्रकार प्रकाशित डेटा, मृत्यु दर के जोखिम कारक के रूप में भांग के लक्षण वर्णन का समर्थन नहीं करते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • However, they are brought into contact with criminals every time they purchase cannabis .
  • The Liberal Democrats cower behind a feeble pledge to establish a Royal Commission on cannabis .
  • When officers went to arrest her they found she was growing cannabis plants.
  • The Government will not make any moves to legalise cannabis in this term of Parliament.
  • Increasing numbers of teenagers are using cannabis , according to a recent health survey.
  • Police issued a warrant to search the youngster's home where a small quantity of cannabis was found.
  • When he was arrested in a cul-de-sac police found 12 kilos of cannabis in his van.
  • The plant, cannabis sativa, is native to Asia, but is now widely cultivated in Europe.
  • They believe the factory had grown at least one full crop of cannabis plants.
  • The drug dealers used the switches on heated lamps to grow their cannabis .
  • He added that more information about the health risks of using cannabis also needed to be made available.
  • The leaves, stalks and seeds of the cannabis plant look like greeny-brown tobacco.
  • Dr Martin forward a private members' bill to decriminalize cannabis in some circumstances.
  • So that is a fairly large population of people out there who are using cannabis .
  • They found drugs, including cocaine and cannabis resin , together with drugs equipment.
  • They seized some cannabis bush and cannabis resin from a caravan in the back garden and the couple were arrested, but a thorough search of the house revealed no further drugs.
  • Last March, cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis resin were found at Rear Cross on the Tipperary border, and at Hyde Road in Limerick.
  • On searching the defendant's bedroom he found a container with enough cannabis resin to make 35 cigarettes.
  • Moreover, as the judge rightly said, there was no evidential basis upon which he could conclude that these transactions might have related to Class A drugs and not cannabis resin .
  • Heroin and cannabis resin with an estimated street value of £120,000 was seized by the Garda National Drugs Unit as part of Operation Jumbo.
  • The St Peter's School pupils were found out when one, a 15-year-old girl, was discovered with a cigarette lighter, cigarette papers and cannabis resin .