camp - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of camp in Hindi

  • शिविर
  • छावनी
  • कैंप
  • डेरा
  • पड़ाव
  • कैम्प
  • अड्डा


  • पड़ाव डालना

camp Definition


  • (of a man) behave in an ostentatiously effeminate way. ( (एक आदमी का) आडंबरपूर्ण तरीके से बर्ताव करना। )
  • live for a time in a camp, tent, or camper, as when on vacation. ( एक शिविर में एक समय के लिए रहते हैं, तम्बू, या टूरिस्ट, जब छुट्टी पर। )


  • a place with temporary accommodations of huts, tents, or other structures, typically used by soldiers, refugees, prisoners, or travelers. ( आमतौर पर सैनिकों, शरणार्थियों, कैदियों, या यात्रियों द्वारा उपयोग किए जाने वाले झोपड़ियों, तंबुओं या अन्य संरचनाओं के अस्थायी आवास के साथ एक जगह। )
  • the supporters of a particular party or doctrine regarded collectively. ( एक विशेष पार्टी या सिद्धांत के समर्थकों को सामूहिक रूप से माना जाता है। )
  • deliberately exaggerated and theatrical behavior or style. ( जानबूझकर अतिरंजित और नाटकीय व्यवहार या शैली। )


  • deliberately exaggerated and theatrical in style, typically for humorous effect. ( जानबूझकर अतिरंजित और नाटकीय शैली में, आमतौर पर हास्य प्रभाव के लिए। )

camp Example

  • They pitched camp near a stream, where they caught fish for supper, and the horses could graze on fresh, moist grass. ( उन्होंने एक धारा के पास शिविर लगाया, जहाँ उन्होंने रात के खाने के लिए मछली पकड़ी, और घोड़े ताज़ी, नम घास पर चर सकते थे। )
  • We had ridden over 22 miles when we finally made camp near Taylorsville on the South Anna River. ( जब हम आखिरकार दक्षिण अन्ना नदी पर टेलोर्स्विले के पास शिविर बना रहे थे, तब हमने 22 मील की दूरी तय की थी। )
  • Late that night they made camp in a field by the river. ( देर रात उन्होंने नदी के किनारे एक खेत में शिविर बनाया। )
  • In that misty dawn I rose from our tent in a crowded camp outside the town, with one of the worst hangovers I can recall. ( उस धुंध भरी सुबह में मैं शहर के बाहर एक भीड़ भरे कैंप में अपने डेरे से उठा, सबसे बुरे हैंगओवर में से एक जिसे मैं याद कर सकता हूं। )
  • These shows are some distance from either the cheeky chappy style which made Paul Daniels a star, or the camp melodrama of American David Copperfield. ( ये शो या तो चटकीली चटपटी शैली से कुछ दूरी पर हैं, जिसने पॉल डेनियल को एक स्टार बना दिया, या अमेरिकी डेविड कॉपरफील्ड का शिविर मेलोड्रामा। )

More Sentence

  • A startled, but later apologetic Shockey, ran off into the woods and returned to Giants training camp .
  • Jahson had cleared up the camp, and no one would ever have known that humans had made camp there.
  • But as they found a quiet spot and pitched camp for the night, an ominous character appeared on horseback
  • His camp , squeaking, self-absorbed, Irish puppydog charm worked its magic on the voting audience.
  • We pitched camp about two kilometers out from Mount Crean on the Lashly Glacier.
  • As we rode into the forest and made camp , I promised myself to really tell her how I felt and what I really was.
  • We are no strangers to men dressing as women, but they are generally either grossly exaggerated or come across as merely camp .
  • We are not a symbolic representation of war, of a refugee camp , or a shantytown.
  • We went to Comptons and were joined by Scottish guy and camp bartender friend of Stephens.
  • Even the good news was marred by signs that the anti-agreement camp within his own party is growing.
  • She told me the camp was a vacation resort belonging to her family.
  • a summer camp for children
  • They hiked for the rest of the day and made camp just before sunset.
  • As we made camp well into our fourth night on the road, I curled up into a little ball, pretending to sleep until I was sure all the others were slumbering.
  • Opened in September 1928 the camp still provides holidays for 1,000 Salford children every year.
  • drama camp
  • parks in which you can camp or stay in a chalet
  • Facilities in the camp are still extremely basic and another 4 000 returnees live in the town itself.
  • The reconstruction of the camp as a stone building rather than a more realistic wooden frame complex adds to the fairy-tale setting.
  • Regardless of the camp , each party will basically put its self-development as its first priority.
  • Carla McGhee arrived at Connecticut Sun training camp with mixed feelings.
  • This is the first time a facility inside the camp was hit since Japanese troops were deployed there in January this year.
  • Philip once commented that he pitched camp to suit the needs of his baggage animals.
  • By the time training camp opens, cases are being made for every franchise in the league as a Super Bowl contender.
  • Church, youth and school groups use the camp for recreational, educational and church-related activities.