buttock - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of buttock in Hindi

  • चूतड़
  • कूल्हे
  • नितंब


  • चूतड़

buttock Definition

  • either of the two round fleshy parts that form the lower rear area of a human trunk. ( दो गोल मांसल भागों में से एक मानव धड़ के निचले रियर क्षेत्र का निर्माण करता है। )

buttock Example

  • Mr Cadder suffered a wound, which was one and a half inches long and two inches deep, to the upper part of his left buttock . ( मिस्टर कैडर को एक घाव हुआ, जो डेढ़ इंच लंबा और दो इंच गहरा था, जो उनके बाएं नितंब के ऊपरी हिस्से में था। )
  • This causes the shooting pains in your buttock and up the right side of your back. ( यह आपके नितंब में शूटिंग दर्द का कारण बनता है और आपकी पीठ के दाईं ओर ऊपर होता है। )
  • At hospital, doctors found Mrs Roberts had a stab wound to her right buttock , as well as stamp injuries to her chest and bruising over her body. ( अस्पताल में, डॉक्टरों ने पाया कि श्रीमती रॉबर्ट्स के दाहिने नितंब में एक गंभीर घाव था, साथ ही उनके सीने पर चोट के निशान थे और उनके शरीर पर चोट के निशान थे। )
  • Miss Morris said Thompson left the room again, came back with a large spade and went for Mr Smith, who tried to deflect the blow and suffered a three inch wound to his left buttock . ( मिस मॉरिस ने कहा कि थॉम्पसन ने कमरे को फिर से छोड़ दिया, एक बड़ी कुदाल के साथ वापस आया और श्री स्मिथ के लिए चला गया, जिसने झटका को रोकने की कोशिश की और उसके बाएं नितंब में तीन इंच का घाव हो गया। )

More Sentence

  • Workers found the creature bleeding from a bullet hole in its buttock.
  • Fire crews performed the delicate task of cutting the railing using specialist equipment and she was taken to Fairfield Hospital with it still in her buttock .
  • He was suffering pain at the base of his buttock and also behind his knees, mainly on the right.
  • The infection caused a swelling and redness in his buttock , which spread rapidly.
  • It is a blue birthmark on the buttock , and it shows up right after a child is born.
  • She was shot in the buttock and her boyfriend was shot in the leg in the struggle; both are hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.
  • It is a superficial muscle that gives the buttock its shape and covers the gluteus medius.
  • She was left with a puncture wound to the buttock and ripped trousers.
  • The minister first visited a doctor on March 21 after suffering a terrible pain in his left buttock .
  • To the left, filling the screen, appeared the crease between a leg and a buttock , fringed by skimpy gold shorts.
  • He had already suffered a shock and 35 per cent burns but the nail compounded his woes when it pierced his left buttock .
  • As Joe passed her, he squeezed her left buttock and planted a kiss on her neck.
  • Standing in an upright position, hold on to a chair for support, then extend your left leg straight behind you until you feel your buttock tighten.
  • And it's always just beneath your buttock , where you wouldn't normally wipe.
  • This time I manage to land with my entire body weight centered on my right buttock .
  • I had a sore buttock and couldn't sit, lie or anything.
  • I was able to maneuver such that I merely sat down, hard, on my right buttock and slid along the street.
  • This loosening leads to the base of the tail descending between the two tips of the cow's buttocks when observed from behind.
  • Farmers also pay attention to hair swirls, usually prefer animals that have 4-5 swirls, two on the shoulder, two on the buttocks and one on the face.