bring - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of bring in Hindi

  • लाना
  • ले आना
  • सामने लाना

bring Definition

  • come to a place with (someone or something). ( (किसी या किसी चीज़) के साथ एक जगह पर आना। )

bring Example

  • We have no choice but to bring our science into touch with our conscience. ( हमारे पास अपनी अंतरात्मा के साथ हमारे विज्ञान को संपर्क में लाने के अलावा कोई विकल्प नहीं है। )
  • We're going to bring you the results in just a few minutes. ( हम आपको कुछ ही मिनटों में परिणाम लाने जा रहे हैं। )
  • she could not bring herself to mention it ( वह इसका उल्लेख करने के लिए खुद को नहीं ला सकी )
  • If either one of you needs more assistance, bring your hands behind you and interlock fingers with her. ( यदि आप में से किसी एक को अधिक सहायता की आवश्यकता है, तो अपने हाथों को अपने पीछे लाएं और उंगलियों को उसके साथ इंटरलॉक करें। )
  • Failure to obtain a licence or breach of licensing conditions can bring heavy fines. ( लाइसेंस प्राप्त करने में विफलता या लाइसेंस शर्तों का उल्लंघन भारी जुर्माना ला सकता है। )
  • But how did that conduct encourage you to bring your action? ( लेकिन उस आचरण ने आपको अपनी कार्रवाई करने के लिए कैसे प्रोत्साहित किया? )

More Sentence

  • bring a pint of water to the boil
  • In hard conditions bold and decisive actions of even small groups can bring success.
  • they want to bring peace
  • There had been talk among their generals to bring her here before, but none had dared to touch her.
  • Monsoons and typhoons, over-riding normal conditions, bring periods of heavy rain.
  • I hope your new job will bring you happiness
  • Will the next generation of leadership bring peace to the volatile situation?
  • bring yourself and your friends to the party
  • bring a raincoat!
  • I couldn't bring myself to tell him
  • the talks should bring an end to the strike
  • He also points out that weak conditions can bring advantages, such as buying equipment more cheaply.
  • The lower gods can either assist people or bring misfortune to them.
  • This half-day guided tour will bring them right onto the golden sand dunes of Arabia in four-wheel drives.
  • bring them to me
  • We just need to create a structure to bring them together.
  • Prospective parents can travel to India or arrange for an escort to bring their adopted child home.
  • It created a tribunal to bring war criminals to justice.
  • the rain will bring flooding
  • could you ever bring yourself to forgive me?
  • I'll give you some aspirin to bring down his temperature
  • Big Tech traditionally hasn't been a leader in the drive to bring accountability to health care.
  • if I could bring myself to look at it
  • This summer is shaping up to bring record amounts of money in ticket sales.