breeze - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of breeze in Hindi

  • समीर
  • बयार
  • मंद पवन

breeze Definition


  • small cinders mixed with sand and cement to make cinder blocks. ( सिंडर ब्लॉक बनाने के लिए रेत और सीमेंट के साथ मिश्रित छोटे टुकड़े। )
  • a gentle wind. ( हल्की हवा। )
  • a thing that is easy to do or accomplish. ( एक ऐसी चीज़ जो करना या पूरा करना आसान है। )


  • come or go in a casual or lighthearted manner. ( आकस्मिक या आलसी तरीके से आना या जाना। )

breeze Example

  • The soft breeze of the late evening blew at her short brown hair, and she brushed it from her face. ( देर शाम की नरम हवा ने उसके छोटे भूरे बालों को उड़ा दिया, और उसने उसे अपने चेहरे से ब्रश किया। )
  • The seas were calm and the breeze blowing steadily southward seemed to lessen. ( समुद्र शांत थे और लगातार दक्षिण की ओर बह रही हवा कम लग रही थी। )
  • Shortcuts can make a holiday meal a breeze to complete. ( शॉर्टकट छुट्टी के भोजन को पूरा करने के लिए एक हवा बना सकते हैं। )
  • travelling through London was a breeze ( लंदन के माध्यम से यात्रा एक हवा थी )
  • traveling through London was a breeze ( लंदन के माध्यम से यात्रा एक हवा थी )

More Sentence

  • The winds did cooperate in some regard finally covering the complete race area with a 4-6 knot sea breeze .
  • The forest around them was busy with the sounds of chirping birds and the soft breeze of the wind.
  • As the opened the glass door, a breeze blew the wind - chimes by the sign into soft laughter.
  • We can't catch the wind or see the breeze , but we can feel it, see its effects.
  • There was a cold breeze as the chilly wind blew in through the open door.
  • tantalizing cooking smells wafted on the evening breeze
  • The winds picked up, approaching ‘strong breeze ’ (Beaufort scale 5-6) and the sky darkened sharply.
  • The night air was chilly and the wind blew a cold breeze under her hood.
  • It was a breeze to make and easy to love, a simply good nosh.
  • Another breeze of wind blew past them, unusually cold for this time of the year.
  • the computer has the power to breeze through huge documents
  • It was a beautiful day with the breeze of the wind blowing softly in her ear and the clouds floating softly by.
  • The wind was gentle, a slight breeze now and then to cool the warm air.
  • A cool breeze wove its gentle fingers through the flora, then through each of my chocolate locks and down my spine.
  • Opt for someone who makes even custom printing a breeze to accomplish.
  • A breeze of cold wind blew past her as she shivered with cold and with fear.
  • His cape waved in the breeze and the wind hit his face, but he was careful not to let it hit his teeth.
  • I felt the cold ocean breeze blow across my face, filling my nose with the salty smell of the ocean.
  • The weather for this ASR patrol was 75 degrees and sunny with a 10 knot breeze from the southwest.
  • The book, written in her signature style, breezes through a variety of situations.
  • We don't come breezing in from elsewhere and try to teach the locals how to live.
  • I breezed through the procedures and came out to join my friend.
  • I walked back in and found Izzy breezing out of the bathroom.
  • All he wants is someplace warm, where palm trees blow in balmy breezes along a gentle, rolling surf.
  • He was interrupted by the eccentric Calculus teacher breezing through the door.