breed - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of breed in Hindi

  • नस्ल
  • खानदान
  • किस्म
  • अभिजनन करना
  • जनना


  • प्रजनन करना
  • नस्ल बढाना
  • वंश का विस्तार होना
  • सिखाना
  • पालन-पोषण करना

breed Definition


  • cause (an animal) to produce offspring, typically in a controlled and organized way. ( कारण (एक जानवर) संतान उत्पन्न करने के लिए, आमतौर पर नियंत्रित और संगठित तरीके से। )


  • a stock of animals or plants within a species having a distinctive appearance and typically having been developed by deliberate selection. ( विशिष्ट उपस्थिति वाले प्रजातियों के भीतर जानवरों या पौधों का भंडार और आमतौर पर जानबूझकर चयन द्वारा विकसित किया गया है। )

breed Example

  • One should also remember that cattle breed once per year, or sometimes not at all. ( यह भी याद रखना चाहिए कि मवेशी प्रति वर्ष एक बार प्रजनन करते हैं, या कभी-कभी बिल्कुल भी नहीं। )
  • By contrast, her second husband seems another breed entirely. ( इसके विपरीत, उसका दूसरा पति पूरी तरह से एक और नस्ल लगता है। )
  • It was as if a new species, a new breed of humans had come into my knowledge. ( यह ऐसा था जैसे एक नई प्रजाति, मनुष्यों की एक नई नस्ल मेरी जानकारी में आई हो। )
  • These types of cases breed other cases, breed other victims. ( इस प्रकार के मामले अन्य मामलों को जन्म देते हैं, अन्य पीड़ितों को प्रजनन करते हैं। )

More Sentence

  • These values enhance the accuracy of selection decisions by establishing the relative genetic value of a sire within a breed .
  • They went to great lengths to find the most powerful of each animal breed , and take a fang from their mouths.
  • toads are said to return to the pond of their birth to breed
  • Birds might breed there, but in fact the reproduction success is not high enough to maintain the population.
  • He was a transition figure - the last of the World War II heroic generals and the first of a new breed , the managerial generals.
  • At remote Point Bennett on San Miguel, seals and sea lions breed and pup in spectacular numbers.
  • Larvae breed in woodland pools filled by melting snows or by spring rains.
  • For to breed the dog would be to cause a worse-off rather than a better-off individual to exist.
  • Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurs are still a rare breed in both countries.
  • But it just goes to show you what sort of breed of people lived in our wee town.
  • Now that does seem like a lot, but these birds breed at an incredibly slow rate, with an incredibly low rate of juvenile success.
  • Meanwhile a new breed of artists was advancing another brand of banality, with divisive effects on the art world.
  • Regardless of what breed you choose, or where it comes from, ALL dogs need training.
  • They breed their grannies tough out there in Lithuania, make no mistake.
  • It's one way of keeping yourself up-to-date on what's happening, especially with a plant breed .
  • Make no mistake; modern CEOs are generally an outstanding breed .
  • This should also be true of cattle within the same breed .
  • It was said that entrepreneurs were a special breed , more driven to succeed than the rest of us.
  • One does not need Stonehenge to know when to plant seeds or when to breed cattle.
  • California red-legged frogs breed in aquatic habitats such as streams, ponds, marshes, and stock ponds.
  • One of your skills as a coach is to breed these personalities, not as individuals, but how they interact in a group.
  • They own us, and breed us, and take the fruits of our labor.
  • She's from the West Coast, and they breed strong women down there.
  • Our local practices breed complacency and led us to take shortcuts.
  • Did you know men cows will never breed with the same cow twice.
  • In this increasingly technological world, we must breed scientists, not just engineers; thinkers, not just doers.