brave - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of brave in Hindi

  • बहादुर


  • बहादुर
  • साहसी
  • वीर
  • उत्साहशील मनुष्य


  • बहादुर
  • साहसी
  • वीर
  • निडर
  • दिलेर
  • उत्साहशील
  • महावीर
  • शूरवीर

brave Definition


  • ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. ( खतरे या दर्द का सामना करने और सहने के लिए तैयार; साहस दिखा रहा है। )


  • endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear. ( भय दिखाए बिना सामना करना या सामना करना (अप्रिय स्थिति या व्यवहार)। )


  • people who are ready to face and endure danger or pain. ( जो लोग खतरे या दर्द का सामना करने और सहने के लिए तैयार हैं। )
  • an American Indian warrior. ( एक अमेरिकी भारतीय योद्धा। )

brave Example

  • Many people suffer from the disease, and it was very brave of him to come forward like this, especially because of, like he said, the terrible stigma attached to it. ( बहुत से लोग इस बीमारी से पीड़ित हैं, और इस तरह आगे आना उसके लिए बहुत बहादुरी की बात थी, खासकर इसलिए, जैसे उसने कहा, इससे जुड़ा भयानक कलंक। )
  • Hector said it was a jolly good idea and very brave of her and he would be lurking in the corridor in case there was any trouble. ( हेक्टर ने कहा कि यह एक बहुत अच्छा विचार था और बहुत बहादुर था और अगर कोई परेशानी होती तो वह गलियारे में दुबक जाता। )
  • It means a courageous rescuer or brave soldier. ( इसका मतलब एक साहसी बचाव दल या बहादुर सैनिक है। )
  • I always thought it was brave of him to return to Union Square after being shot. ( मैंने हमेशा सोचा था कि शूटिंग के बाद यूनियन स्क्वायर में वापस आना उसके लिए बहादुरी था। )

More Sentence

  • For all their faults, Ireland put up a brave fight against the professional Australian side and are not without hope of redeeming themselves in Melbourne in a week.
  • The newly formed team put up a brave fight but were defeated by a stronger Louisburgh team.
  • It was a sad way to end a week that has forced her name to the forefront of British women's tennis and allowed her to generate an enthusiasm for the sport with a colourful personality and a brave style of play.
  • We have two Crocus that have bloomed and the Primulas are putting on a brave show of colour.
  • Allow me to introduce you to some of the poor, brave soldiers fighting this awful and brutal war.
  • Our soldiers are now fighting side-by-side with your brave soldiers, now and every day.
  • Cheshire junior girls put up a brave fight before losing by a point to Yorkshire at Low Laithes in an inter-county fixture.
  • As alien as the imported trees, they make the only spark of brave colour in the landscape, diverting the eye from the soft ruin of mulched leaves along the kerbs.
  • George had put up a brave fight over the sixteen months of his illness, with frequent trips to hospital, but was always positive and hopeful.
  • Delta has had hit after hit and endured a brave fight with cancer despite the pressures of the big, bad, nasty media who are only out for headlines and want to cut down tall poppies like Delta.
  • It's very brave of them to say it anyway - a new tack indeed.
  • Despite the defeat the players put up a brave fight but simply had not enough firepower to overcome a rampant Cork outfit.
  • A fine, brave world awaits the new parliament.
  • The two brave warriors are about to be absorbed.
  • What was particularly nice was that quite a few of the widows came along which I thought was amazingly brave of them.
  • It was very brave of them to risk one of the hardest productions in theatre.
  • The roundheads put up a brave fight but they were finally defeated when the Royalist captain sat on the roundhead leader's stomach.
  • Loyal and brave soldiers fought well to the point that it brought tears to my eyes.
  • It seemed quite brave of him, considering he wasn't a day older than twelve.
  • ‘This was the first time Tina met us all since he died and it was very brave of her to come,’ she said.
  • It was very brave of her to come to York as she is not a well lady.
  • The older I get, I'm trying to take this big, bold braveness and use my brain.
  • The last few weeks have been relatively quiet in the West, with few anglers braving the cold conditions.
  • Anthony died after a long illness bravely bourne and surrounded by his family.
  • A richly layered anti-realist film, it showed a real courage and braveness to explore and experiment formally.
  • As the rain worsened, onlookers started to wonder why so many were braving the elements for a mere concert.