blunt - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of blunt in Hindi

  • कुंद


  • कुंद
  • मंदबुद्धि का
  • रूक्ष
  • भोठरा
  • मुंहफट स्पष्टवादी
  • कुंठित
  • सीधा-सादा


  • लठ


  • भुथरा करना

blunt Definition


  • make or become less sharp. ( बनाना या कम तेज करना। )


  • (of a knife, pencil, etc.) having a worn-down edge or point; not sharp. ( (चाकू, पेंसिल आदि का) पहना हुआ किनारा या बिंदु; तेज नहीं है। )
  • (of a person or remark) uncompromisingly forthright. ( (किसी व्यक्ति या टिप्पणी का) अकारण ही सही। )


  • a hollowed-out cigar filled with marijuana. ( मारिजुआना से भरा एक खोखला सिगार। )

blunt Example

  • Use a really sharp knife. A blunt knife will ‘bruise’ the onion and let more juices out, therefore more tears. ( वास्तव में तेज चाकू का उपयोग करें। एक कुंद चाकू प्याज को काटेगा और अधिक रस बाहर निकलने देगा, इसलिए अधिक आँसू। )
  • Ski ‘N’ Roll, as this new sport is called, needs quite cheap equipment - roller skates and poles without blunt tips, that is. ( स्की called एन ’रोल, जैसा कि इस नए खेल को कहा जाता है, को काफी सस्ते उपकरणों की आवश्यकता होती है - रोलर स्केट्स और डंडे बिना ब्लंट टिप्स, यानी। )
  • However, to your great dismay, you find that the assistant is as much help as a poke in the eye with a blunt needle… and about as much fun as well! ( हालांकि, अपने महान निराशाजनक करने के लिए, आप पाते हैं कि सहायक एक कुंद सुई के साथ आंख में एक प्रहार के रूप में ज्यादा मदद करता है ... और साथ ही साथ जितना मज़ा आता है! )
  • Or will they say here's a plain spoken, direct, blunt guy who may make his way in politics. ( या वे कहेंगे यहां एक सीधा-सादा, सीधा, कुंद आदमी है जो राजनीति में अपनी जगह बना सकता है। )
  • Blacktip reef sharks have a fusiform body and a short rounded, blunt snout with an arched down-turned mouth filled with long sharp serrated teeth. ( ब्लैकटिप रीफ शार्क के पास एक समान शरीर और एक छोटा गोल, कुंद थूथन है जिसमें धनुषाकार नीचे की ओर मुंह होता है जो लंबे तेज दाँतेदार दाँतों से भरा होता है। )
  • The breeding tube of the female, between the anus and anal fin, is broader and rounder than the male, and will have a blunt tip. ( गुदा और गुदा फिन के बीच मादा की प्रजनन ट्यूब, नर की तुलना में व्यापक और गोल है, और एक कुंद टिप होगा। )
  • His right hand holds the gun on her unwaveringly, the blunt tips of round lead bullets in its chambers clearly visible from the business end. ( उसके दाहिने हाथ ने बंदूक को उसके अटूट तरीके से पकड़ रखा है, उसके चैंबरों में गोल लीड गोलियों के कुंद टिप्स व्यवसाय के अंत से स्पष्ट रूप से दिखाई दे रहे हैं। )

More Sentence

  • She was blunt and honest, brutally so, and her style suffered from it.
  • He leaned left, bringing the blunt side of his sword up flat against his palm.
  • The anterior jaw is a blunt , boxy affair, made up of thick, relatively massive bones.
  • He took a long time, and when he got back in the car, he wanted me to chill while he rolled a blunt .
  • Remove the scallops from their shells by gently scraping and prising them away with a blunt knife, leaving on the roe (alternatively, ask your fishmonger to do this for you).
  • He was hit over the head with a blunt implement and was found unconscious, suffering from a fractured skull, minutes later lying on a grass verge.
  • Beth almost wished she could find that culture and live the rest of her days without worrying about blunt razors or empty shaving cream canisters.
  • And if they had hoped to tidy up their beards they would have had to make do with a blunt razor they should have changed weeks ago.
  • Sometimes people didn't like me because I was blunt and spoke directly.
  • She thought just flat out saying yes would be a little too blunt .
  • It is thickset, with a large mouth, thick white lips and a large blunt head, hence the nickname Loggerhead.
  • There's one track I'm sure will be a cult favorite, in which he advises the listener on the proper way to smoke a blunt .
  • The best you can do is to remove most of the substance from the carpet using a blunt knife.
  • He was quite blunt and critical about the way the authorities had mishandled the situation and gave many thought provoking suggestions as to how this problem could be remedied.
  • To prepare scallops, ease open the shells by inserting a blunt knife.
  • Cut small pieces of copper tooling foil (available at crafts stores), and write plant names on them using a blunt pencil or bamboo skewer.
  • Either our knives were blunt or the panini was tough.
  • The blunt portion of it was thick and looked like it had to weigh at least two hundred pounds.
  • They have stocky bodies, a large and blunt head, small eyes, and small rounded ears.
  • All he saw was a blunt knife but that would have to do.
  • So when did virginity go from something that could blunt knives to something precious that young women must ‘save’ for marriage?
  • My next strategy has been to remain unshockable, to blunt whatever little swords my precious boy manages to pick up.
  • Because the barrel's end is hollowed out, saving weight, the end is blunt rather than rounded.