bastion - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of bastion in Hindi

  • बुर्ज
  • गढ़
  • गढ़गज
  • कोट


  • बुर्ज
  • गरगज

bastion Definition


  • a projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall, so as to allow defensive fire in several directions. ( एक दीवार की लाइन के कोण पर निर्मित किलेबंदी का एक अनुमानित हिस्सा, ताकि कई दिशाओं में रक्षात्मक आग की अनुमति हो सके। )
  • an institution, place, or person strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes, or activities. ( एक संस्था, स्थान, या व्यक्ति विशेष सिद्धांतों, दृष्टिकोणों या गतिविधियों का दृढ़ता से बचाव या पालन करता है। )

bastion Example

  • The last bastion of domestic drudgery is about to fall thanks to the development of the world's first automatic ironing machine. ( घरेलू ड्रगरी का अंतिम गढ़ दुनिया की पहली स्वचालित इस्त्री मशीन के विकास के लिए धन्यवाद करने वाला है। )
  • ‘You know I believe this attitude towards heavy people is the last bastion of open discrimination in our society,’ Andante quoted her as saying. ( The आप जानते हैं कि मेरा मानना ​​है कि भारी लोगों के प्रति यह रवैया हमारे समाज में खुले भेदभाव का अंतिम गढ़ है, ’औरांते ने कहा। )
  • Journalists are, if you like, the last bastion of democracy and freedom. ( पत्रकार हैं, अगर आप चाहें, तो लोकतंत्र और आजादी का आखिरी गढ़। )
  • The buildings sit like a sheltering battlement, a running bastion enclosing green space created from the earth mounds of excavated material. ( इमारतें एक आश्रय की लड़ाई की तरह बैठती हैं, एक बहता हुआ गढ़ खुदाई की सामग्री के पृथ्वी के टीले से बना हरा स्थान घेरती है। )
  • Neocon thought, of course, views Israel as a crucial bastion of the defense of Western values. ( निओक ने निश्चित रूप से, इजरायल को पश्चिमी मूल्यों की रक्षा के महत्वपूर्ण गढ़ के रूप में देखा। )
  • The mountain of Jebel Bishri forms a strategically important natural bastion on the Middle Euphrates in Syria. ( जेबेल बिश्री का पहाड़ सीरिया में मध्य यूफ्रेट्स पर रणनीतिक रूप से महत्वपूर्ण प्राकृतिक गढ़ बनाता है। )
  • As well as the free exhibit there are lectures, Sunday concerts and weekly film screenings at the bastion of German cinema, the Goethe-Institut. ( नि: शुल्क प्रदर्शन के साथ-साथ जर्मन सिनेमा, गोएथे-इंस्टीट्यूट के गढ़ में व्याख्यान, रविवार संगीत और साप्ताहिक फिल्म स्क्रीनिंग भी हैं। )
  • In modern societies, the media - for all their faults - are often the last bastion of liberty. ( आधुनिक समाजों में, मीडिया - उनके सभी दोषों के लिए - अक्सर स्वतंत्रता का अंतिम गढ़ है। )
  • The day after we will start to open our new route on the rock bastion ( जिस दिन हम चट्टान के गढ़ पर अपना नया मार्ग खोलना शुरू करेंगे )

More Sentence

  • The public sector has become the last bastion of comfortable retirement in Britain.
  • cricket's last bastion of discrimination
  • the last bastion of male privilege
  • Yesterday, the four climbers fixed 400 meters of ropes along the rocky section above C4, until they were stopped by a rock bastion (wall) at about 8300m.
  • For some time now, firefighters have been portrayed as the last bastion of unquestioned heroism in the public psyche.
  • Reinforcements were pouring out of the narrow opening in the natural rock bastion .
  • As Havergal told this newspaper in 1999, ‘I feel we are the last bastion of socialist values.’
  • Orcas may be nothing more than a display of how corporate interests are threatening even public art - the last bastion of an independent civic identity and urban artistic community.
  • A jury is a bastion of commonsense against the establishment - that's why they don't like it.
  • Independent documentary-making is the last bastion of free speech that we have’.
  • We are, after all, the last bastion of civilisation, are we not?
  • He gave orders to improve defensive positions, such as the natural bastion of Santon Hill on his left.
  • In this chaos the last bastion of defence of a society is the judiciary.
  • Asia's lions are protected in Gir, the last bastion of the species.
  • Parliament will always be the last bastion of this multilingual exercise.
  • The school was established by the Catholic Church hierarchy as a bastion of conservatism against the growing influence of liberalism and Protestantism in the region.
  • As more women join the male-dominated bastion of the police service, one top female cop launches a scheme to combat sexism and strengthen female representation in the PSNI.
  • The first baron had laid out an extended perimeter of earthen ramparts with angled bastions to let archers sweep the wall between them, and a deep ditch had been dug at the foot of the wall.
  • A wall was built of mud brick on a limestone foundation, punctuated by projecting bastions to allow cross-firing against anyone attacking the wall.
  • The three successive walls with numerous bastions for artillery and convoluted approaches for better defense testify to a time when wars were common and imminent attack around the corner.
  • Features common to them all include doubled walls and angular bastions for artillery to dominate the approach.