babyish - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of babyish in Hindi

  • भालोचित

babyish Definition

  • (of appearance or behavior) characteristic of a baby. ( (उपस्थिति या व्यवहार) एक बच्चे की विशेषता। )

babyish Example

  • Anyway, I pray they will hold their babyish contests somewhere other than London. ( वैसे भी, मैं प्रार्थना करता हूं कि वे लंदन के अलावा कहीं और अपने बच्चों की प्रतियोगिता आयोजित करेंगे। )
  • Do not blame, criticise or punish your child or call them dirty or babyish . ( अपने बच्चे को दोष न दें, आलोचना करें या दंड दें या उन्हें गंदा या बचकाना कहें। )
  • Does your room still look babyish with dolls or ruffles? ( क्या आपका कमरा अभी भी गुड़िया या रफ़ल के साथ बचकाना लगता है? )
  • Then you know how to act more grown-up on set and be ‘responsible’ except you still look good and babyish on screen. ( फिर आप जानते हैं कि सेट पर अधिक बड़े होने का अभिनय कैसे किया जाता है और स्क्रीन पर आप अभी भी अच्छे और बचकाने दिखते हैं। )
  • Maybe it's simply that like everyone else I found Tony with his babyish skin, his grand ideas and gentle indifference an irresistible target. ( शायद यह सिर्फ इतना है कि हर किसी की तरह मैंने टोनी को अपनी बचकानी त्वचा, अपने भव्य विचारों और सौम्य उदासीनता के साथ एक अनूठा लक्ष्य पाया। )
  • In the photos he still looks like a baby, isn't walking or talking, his face is much more rounded and babyish . ( इन तस्वीरों में वह अभी भी एक बच्चे की तरह दिख रहा है, वह चल या बात नहीं कर रहा है, उसका चेहरा बहुत अधिक गोल और बच्चा है। )

More Sentence

  • Don't be surprised if there's some deterioration in your child's behaviour or a regression to more babyish ways.
  • In keeping with the association with babyish faces, weak chins are less common in movie villains than in more ‘innocent’ characters.
  • Like smoking, which I'd started at 12 and kicked at 15, I considered it a somewhat naff and babyish thing to do once you were legal.
  • So, all in all, and at the risk of being extremely babyish myself, I'd go so far as to say that my argument's bigger than yours.
  • Now, it seems, this babyish sentimentalisation of nature is regarded as a social attribute.
  • Even when speaking, they do not say anything clever and many of them have a terrible, squeaky voice which foreigners think is babyish and unattractive.
  • She glanced at the child she held in her arms, and he looked back with babyish love in his eyes.
  • The press could be being babyish ; the military could be putting on a brave face.
  • She said she was terrified and couldn't remember how he got her out but she did remember the strange babyish voice he used.
  • Georgie's babyish voice sounded from the room behind his mother.
  • Clearly, capable confident, can-do people are what Kruglanski dislikes and babyish , helpless people are his ideal.
  • I cant remember not being able to read and reading novels when my classmates were still reading what I considered babyish .
  • But as his talk became clearer, his parents found that he was asking them for the names of the cars he saw and began saying Ambassador and Fiat in his own babyish voice.
  • The other was short, and scrawny, with a babyish pout and white blonde hair.
  • Haigh does not say so, but this is actually rather babyish .
  • Girls are treated gently and sweetly because of their assumed (or rather, socially expected) babyishness and vulnerability.
  • Another ad, in the same series, depicts a man talking babyishly to his son.
  • And then she added babyishly , ‘You can't make me.’
  • When you look back at the common sense and progressiveness of arguments against American intervention in Vietnam, Chile and the like, you can't help but be struck by the sheer befuddled babyishness of the apologists.
  • It's all so simple, really, so childish: Very simply and babyishly you trust them all and you say things thinking it all sounds so cute.
  • We can become enraged at schoolchildren who want to hold onto their babyishness , in much the same way as we are infuriated by prolonged breastfeeding.
  • Leonard pushed the rattle with his mitten and gurgled very babyishly for Mother, desperate not to be put to bed.
  • Her designs are playful, and even ‘cheeky,’ but never babyishly girly.