baby carriage - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of baby carriage in Hindi

  • बच्चा गाड़ी
  • बच्चा गड़ी

baby carriage Definition

  • a four-wheeled carriage for a baby, typically with a retractable hood, pushed by a person on foot. ( एक बच्चे के लिए चार-पहिए वाली गाड़ी, जो आमतौर पर एक वापस लेने योग्य हुड के साथ होती है, एक व्यक्ति द्वारा पैर पर धकेल दी जाती है। )

baby carriage Example

  • One, a work in progress, showed an old-style baby carriage , leather and steel, crumpled and tilted, in a small dark stone building. ( एक, प्रगति में एक काम, एक पुरानी शैली के बच्चे की गाड़ी, चमड़े और स्टील, एक छोटे से अंधेरे पत्थर की इमारत में उखड़े हुए और झुके हुए दिखाई दिए। )
  • ‘How poetic,’ I breathed, stopping to let a young woman pushing a baby carriage go before me. ( To कितनी काव्यात्मक, ’मैंने सांस ली, एक युवती को धक्का देते हुए रुकने का इशारा किया। )
  • I wish I had been photographed then with my little victorious, evil satyr smile, instead of the family photo of me in a baby carriage reaching for a cloud. ( काश, मैं एक बादल में पहुँचने के लिए एक बच्चे की गाड़ी में मेरे परिवार के फोटो के बजाय मेरी छोटी विजयी, दुष्ट व्यंग्यपूर्ण मुस्कान के साथ फोटो खिंचवाता। )
  • And didn't I see you pushing a baby carriage the other day? ( और क्या मैंने आपको दूसरे दिन एक बच्चे की गाड़ी को धक्का देते हुए नहीं देखा? )
  • It came upon me very suddenly and soared upward and was about the size of a baby carriage . ( यह मेरे ऊपर बहुत अचानक आ गया और ऊपर की ओर बढ़ गया और एक बच्चे की गाड़ी के आकार के बारे में था। )

More Sentence

  • Once outside, I spotted a baby carriage in a dark corner of a street.
  • I had the baby carriage pointed up the hill, the dog at the end of the leash going in the other direction, a Rumpelstiltskin posture familiar to any parent.
  • On this side of the fence, smashed toilets, computer monitors and baby carriages are scattered about, alternately dropped from the heavens and hurled from nearby rooftops.
  • By 1903 the company offered a line of 260 products-chairs, divans, couches, tables, baby carriages , umbrella stands, music stands, screens, hampers, and benches.
  • It is a surrealistic story involving a tense relationship between lovers, nannies pushing baby carriages , and starlets parading around in a snake pit of Hollywood promises.
  • There will be strolls in the park, baby carriages , little league games, teenage years, a wedding.
  • She dreamed of having children, pushing baby carriages , knitting little caps and sweaters, just like all her cousins.
  • Every day, he watched women with baby carriages ambling down paths and children tumbling in the grass, and it crushed him.
  • Rather than using colorful cloth rebozos to carry infants on their backs, they now use baby carriages .
  • It can't be long before we get such an establishment in Balmain, probably selling baby carriages as well.
  • You see people walking down the street and talking and, you know, pushing baby carriages and having lunch with friends and you think, hey, how can their worlds go on?
  • Outside the women's missions, teenagers strut threateningly, while their newest illegitimate siblings are parked in baby carriages on the sidewalk.
  • But you don't want your customers to start thinking about bassinettes and baby carriages .
  • Parents leave their infants unattended in baby carriages outside stores - the aisles of shops are often too narrow to accommodate anything larger than an upright adult.
  • Families show up to walk with their kids who are in strollers and baby carriages , giving the campaign a good Sunday family image.