aspic - Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of aspic in Hindi

  • ऐस्प
  • मांस-जेली
  • पशु-पक्षी के मांस और अंडे की स्‍वादिष्‍ट लपसी

aspic Definition

  • a savory jelly made with meat stock, set in a mold and used to contain pieces of meat, seafood, or eggs. ( मांस स्टॉक के साथ बनाई गई एक दिलकश जेली, एक सांचे में सेट की जाती है और इसमें मांस, समुद्री भोजन या अंडे के टुकड़े होते हैं। )

aspic Example

  • For the basil aspic : In a small saucepan, add tomato water and gelatin and let set for two minutes. ( तुलसी की आकांक्षा के लिए: एक छोटे सॉस पैन में, टमाटर का पानी और जिलेटिन डालें और दो मिनट के लिए सेट होने दें। )
  • There are nine choices, generally around 140 baht, and include home made duck pate, deep fried prawns in a dill sauce and home made beef in aspic on tomatoes and cucumber vinaigrette. ( नौ विकल्प हैं, आम तौर पर लगभग 140 baht, और घर पर बना बतख पाट, एक डीप सॉस में गहरे तले हुए झींगे और टमाटर और ककड़ी vinaigrette पर एस्पिक में घर का बना गोमांस शामिल हैं। )
  • He helps his famously slimmed-down boss stay that way by mixing protein supplements into sauces and preparing waist-conscious meals such as vegetables in aspic and pomegranate sorbet. ( वह अपने प्रसिद्ध पतले-पतले बॉस को उस तरह से प्रोटीन सप्लीमेंट्स को सॉस में मिलाकर रखने और कमर के सचेत भोजन जैसे कि एस्पिक और अनार शर्बत में सब्जियों को तैयार करने में मदद करता है। )
  • He came back with an armload of ready-to-eat goodies, bone-in ham and duck terrine and delicious eggs in aspic and cheese and freshly baked bread, which we served with a simple salad with toasted pumpkin seeds. ( वह रेडी-टू-ईट गुडीज़, बोन-इन हैम और बतख टेरिन और एस्पिक और पनीर में स्वादिष्ट अंडे और ताजा बेक्ड ब्रेड, जो हम टोस्ट कद्दू के बीज के साथ एक साधारण सलाद के साथ परोसे गए थे, के साथ वापस आए। )
  • In the kitchen, things which may need clarification are stock, clear soup, aspic , jelly, etc. ( रसोई में, जिन चीजों को स्पष्टीकरण की आवश्यकता हो सकती है वे हैं स्टॉक, स्पष्ट सूप, एस्पिक, जेली, आदि। )
  • With many names - Jell-O, aspic , jelly, gelee and so on - gelatin has an identity of its own. ( कई नामों के साथ - जेल-ओ, एस्पिक, जेली, जेली और इतने पर - जिलेटिन की अपनी एक पहचान है। )
  • She wouldn't dare miss a dinner date with this all-star cast… even though she never liked aspic . ( वह इस ऑल-स्टार कास्ट के साथ डिनर डेट मिस करने की हिम्मत नहीं कर पाएगी ... हालांकि वह कभी भी ऐश पसंद नहीं करती थी। )

More Sentence

  • The aspic was soft, and studded with cubes of short rib and foie gras, which melted with the cream when you stirred them.
  • It may be a repeat of the breakfast menu or include cold fresh water fish, aspic dishes, and cooked vegetable salads.
  • On the 1933 and 1936 expeditions, ‘there were plenty of gourmet treats such as quails in aspic , Carlsbad plums and champagne.
  • It begins with cold entrees with choices of tuna, smoked eel, Norwegian salmon or soufflé of Siam bay rock lobster in light fennel aspic and saffron sauce.
  • a world preserved in aspic, far removed from mass unemployment
  • I love to eat it cold with a spoon, but one day I'll make a molded, ladies-lunch aspic .
  • Then dribble over a little warmed thick stock or aspic which will cool and jellify.
  • So, what did larks' tongues in aspic really taste like?
  • chicken in aspic
  • The pate was more like a terrine, with two very thick slices, which were exceptionally good, great flavour, and with the aspic and green peppercorns on the side all adding to the taste experience.
  • Do you remember cheese and pineapple on a stick or, worse still, those nibbles set solid with half a pig's foot of aspic ?
  • We decided we to take a chance on the jar of Petrossian whole goose foie gras in aspic with port wine.
  • Beef stroganoff, stuffed crêpes, a meat and vegetable stew called tchanaki, veal aspic , red beans and eggplant caviar round out the options
  • The array of homemade treats continues with veal aspic , red beans, eggplant caviar, as well as different variations on dumplings like pelmeni, pierogis, and vareneki.
  • There was a particular emphasis on ready-to-eat luxury dishes such as game in aspic jelly and truffled pheasant, by royal appointment.